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Obama’s Official Tries to Fudge the Numbers on Illegal Alien Criminals… Ted Cruz NAILS Her On It!


During a hearing with Sarah Saldana, Obama’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director, Senator Ted Cruz caught her trying to fudge the numbers a bit in regards to how many ‘criminal illegal aliens’ had been released by the administration in 2013.

But don’t take our word for it – listen to Saldana herself.  After being corrected by Cruz, who had just said she underestimated the number by a third, Saldana responded “Yes sir, that’s absolutely right.”


Via the Blaze:

“When I asked you how many criminals ICE released in 2013, you were off by a factor of three,” Cruz said. “You said 30,000 — the correct answer is 104,000.”

Saldana argued she thought she was asked about 2014 and claimed the number was actually 30,558 released illegal aliens that were not prosecuted. The “good news is,” she continued, “at least that went down from 2013.”

“But you’re omitting the 68,000 criminal illegal aliens that ICE did not begin deportation proceedings against at all,” Cruz shot back. “You’ve got to add both of those together — it’s over 100,000.”

Saldana then admitted, “Yes sir, that’s absolutely right.”

Cruz also delivered an incredible speech shortly thereafter, calling upon the emotional stories of those killed by illegal immigrants who escaped deportation due to President Obama’s policies. Victims such as Kate Steinle.

“There are too many politicians in Washington that talk a good game but don’t act. If you want to honor Josh [Wilkerson], if you want to honor Kate Steinle, start enforcing the law and stop releasing murderers, and rapists, and drunk drivers. I don’t want to hear from the Obama administration they’re sorry while they continue to do the exact same thing because what we know – more people will be murdered, more people will be raped, more people will be killed by drunk drivers because this Administration refuses to enforce the law. That is wrong. No man is above the law, and that includes President Obama.”

“It is within your power to follow federal law. And this administration refuses to do so, and that is altogether unacceptable.”

The Obama administration itself has been altogether unacceptable for years now. It’s good to finally see a Republican stand up to them.

Comment – Do you think the Obama administration will ever follow the law regarding illegal immigration, or will they continue to just make up laws as they go along?




  1. Richard says:

    Obozo’s whole administration follows their lying POS boss , all are nothing but scumbags a in my opinion should be incarcerated or hanged publicly so people like me can have some satisfaction ! My2cents

  2. David says:

    so why was she not handcuffed and led out of the hearing; until this happens all these bast666rds are going to lie.

    1. Irene says:

      Obama is the one that our Bible talks about that no one can control him he does just what he wants and his party lies for him.

  3. Edward says:

    Obama comes from Kenya via Chicago, He is a closet Muslim which many Americans will not accept. His career begins with deception in which he received his education free as a foreign student, yet he claims he was born in Hawaii. Any birth papers he produced were printed by the Bureau of Printing and Engraving.
    By his own admission,He hates America, American Soldiers, our lifestyle and anyhing anti-muslim. He’s like a worm in a beautiful apple–you don’t see it…….and the americans don’t see the disaster he is perpetrating on this county. The Russians have a pesident, we have a destructive wimp.
    He will not follow any law, including the laws on immigration……….

  4. Bill-B says:

    Obama is not able to run for a third term, unless of course the GOP lets him use the power of the pen, which is anyone’s guess. He doesn’t respect our country’s law, Constitution or anything else about it. If you are under the impression that he will do anything to insure our safty, your are either a liberal or you have your head so far up your butt, or both. He is and absolute criminal.