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Officer Attends Trump Rally And What He Just Said Will SHOCK You – MUST WATCH!


Police officer, Brandon Tatum was at a Trump Rally, and he gave a true account as he saw it. And it seems he was outraged by the protesters.

It is sad with adults are acting more like babies than adults. They have no decency or respect what so ever for anyone. Including Themselves.

The anti-Trump protesters were “…verbally violent at the door, yelling ‘EFF Donald Trump’. I mean being outrageous. Um, a very very uncomfortable feeling. I mean people were directly yelling at me as if I’m a criminal. And all I’m trying to do is hear what the man has to say. I didn’t wear anything supporting Donald Trump. I was very neutral with this black shirt and khakis on.

“I got inside it was peaceful, initially. The shocking thing is that everybody seemed to be peaceful. There wasn’t a lot of hatred and maliciousness going on and lashing out at the protesters. Initially there was nothing like that and I didn’t get that impression at all. When, but the thing, the thing that stood out to me was the protesters–from the door and then some of them snuck in…”

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Tatum posted the 10:29 video to Facebook Saturday night. The video has over 70,000 views as of Sunday afternoon. Watch this excellent video here:

I just started listening to this but in his very first statement, he told me all I needed to know about who he is as a person. He’s not listening to the media, special interests groups, online posts, nothing like that. He wanted to see it for himself! Wow, how refreshing. At this point, I don’t know what party he is affiliated with, but I don’t care. Thank you, sir, for deciding for yourself what is and what is not the truth.

Social media is a good thing, but it has many bad points. We take these memes as something that person said. We don’t bother to see if what they’re saying is true or not, we just assume it’s true and run with it. Maybe it IS true, but it never fails to happen that the next person you tell add a little bit of their POV, and on and on until the whole thing, while based in truth, turns out to be lies.

I appreciate your insight on various topics and more so this one in particular, Officer Tatum. Since I was unable to attend or even watch the “rally” your perspective lent me a new found hope amidst all the negative publicity for Trump. Much appreciated!

H/T – Facebook

After watching and listening to this first-hand account by this police officer, what are your feelings about Trump and these Anti-Trump rabble-rousers? Share your comment (below) and add this story to your twitter/Facebook timeline. Catch all the latest TRUMP news here. And LIKE this page for the latest TRUMP news