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Officer Ordered a Meal at Arby’s and What She Got Was Disgusting! All Because of Her Profession

Sometimes, there is no way to right what has been wronged except by stepping to the plate and saying I’m sorry.

That is exactly the scenario the fast-food chain Arby’s has found themselves in after an employee refused to serve a uniformed police officer simply because she was a cop.


Police announced the service snub against Sgt. Jennifer Martin Wednesday morning, slamming the fast food franchise for turning away an officer “due to being a police officer.”

Wednesday, the Chief of the Pembroke Pine Police Department issued a press release demanding an apology for the employee’s discriminatory action and the CEO of Arby’s has responded.

After the employee made the metaphorically fatal decision to refuse service to someone who protects and defends them, the restaurant received massive backlash.

Honestly, this employee’s decision doesn’t seem too smart does it? The blatantly disrespectful nature of this denial of service only adds insult to injury. The employee did not simply deny service to an individual that was causing a scene within the establishment… The discrimination was aimed directly at someone who is out there everyday to protect the public.

Particularly so, in today’s political climate, some are hell-bent on being certain that police are in downright danger- and daily. With that said, for a fast food worker to deny the woman service of her burger, or roast beef, in this case… It’s an injustice of the highest order.

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Tell me you are tired of hearing this like I am! This is uncalled for and appalling. Share your comments below and add this story to your facebook/twitter timeline.

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  1. Roger says:

    does anyone really expect anything different from a n166er…..I know I don’t……PERIOD…..KTN…..

  2. David says:

    And if the fast food worker refused to serve blondes because they have more fun, Or service was refused to a Jew who did not remove his yam-aka, Or the worker refused to serve a biracial couple, or just because the customer was black? Would that be alright with you?

    1. ” We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone ”

      That is what FREE ENTERPRISE is supposed to be about.

      And those denied, vote with their feet and spend their shekels elsewhere, not throw a hissy and DEMAND service.

      It is very simple – go where you are wanted….avoid where you are not.

      Really- how hard is that ?

      1. Candy says:

        alrighty then, senator blutarsky, you are a fool…good luck to you and yours when the cops refuse to enter your neiborhood because they have that same right also.

    2. Teri says:

      Senator_Blutarsky !! Wow !! first of all that officer has as much right to eat where she wants !! just as you or I !! and as far as right to refuse ! you best learn the laws on that one ! and you have the nerve to focus one the fact of what others officers may or may not have done or as to the true facts in each case you mentioned !! SO if you can slam her and bring up what other officers have done or not and judge her ! then I too can have the same right to refuse someone on the facts as dreadlocks or the color of ones skin because of what past criminals may have done ! BOOM ! wouldn’t be fair would it ! The employee was wrong plain and simple and if he worked in my business he would be terminated ! it is called profiling and discrimination ! Hope the Officer sues

  3. belladonna says:

    Employee was probably an Ex-Con. Thats why No one wants to hire them a few bad ones make them all bad news.

  4. Who knows…..maybe that employee had a friend of family member whose house was raided and their dog shot, and it turned out to be the wrong address.

    Or the 7yr old asleep on a couch shot and killed by a SWAT team in Detroit AT THE WRONG ADDRESS , putting on a “show of force” for some cop tv show

    Or even a 1yr old child getting a grenade tossed in their face, as happened in Georgia recently.

    Or the cop who extorted people in the Cleveland area for $$ or threatned to take those folks car.

    Or your name was USMC vet Derek Hale in Virginia and you were unarmed in broad daylight and murdered in cold blood by cops.

    Or Jose Guerena, a Marine vet shot 66 times by a SWAT team, for no crime in his on home, and allowed to bleed out and die and deliberately refused to call for EMS

    The whiney cop should have just told her “brothers in blue” to eat elsewhere instead of making a big deal out of it

    here is a café for cops ALWAYS OPEN – “The karma café has no menu……You get served what you deserve….”

    1. David says:

      OK lets deny service to anyone who might have dome something illegal or might do so in the future. Until we have the trio from “Minority Report” we can just draw our own conclusions.

  5. K Thomas says:

    DO not connect bad behaviour of a few, to the rest of us. Do not knock the poor immigrants who work for a pitance, jobs no white or Black or Mexican will do.Wake up, control guns and bad behaving police.Catch the guilty , stop gun sales
    . LERAN and practice some moral behaviour.
    Police often get special services( Donuts) in most places. Thats ok, if they show some sensibility to poor and minorities, and stop stopping good car driving blacks, just because ….
    This to the following writres Char and La

  6. Charlotte says:

    Some people like to follow the wrong crowd or make a scene to draw attention to their self. All this hate toward the law enforcement is people looking for anything to kill some one. Our president might as well told them to go out and do this,Sharpton , Jackson might as well told them to go out and do this. These three man have gave these thug the permission to go out and do this. Sharpton and Jackson are getting wealthy from spreading hate. .Obama has another agenda to start a race war ,so he can declare marshal law…Wake up Black and white you are being used to help to destroy America as we no her.

    1. Geoff says:

      I agree 100%!!

  7. La says:

    I’d hate to be a uniformed cop these days, they have my ultimate respect. The illegals and 47%’ers just want to take, take, take and hate, hate, hate… Classic case of biting the hand that feeds you. Things will turn around with President Trump, he will eliminate the illegals and force respect for law again. The current occupant is responsible for stirring up hatred among America’s melting pot, trying to divide people against one another by race for political gain. It’s the Democrat’s game.

    1. Quadir says:

      It’s easy to blame this and blame that… its Democrats.. Its illegals… Blah.. BlaH.. Blah… How about just blaming this stupid person who did a stupid thing… Simple…

    2. Geoff says:

      Thank you VERY much!! TRUMP 2016!!

  8. Vinh says:

    Barracko has created this type of behavior. Let held him acountable for it. At the same time, DO NOT EAT AT ARBY.

  9. John says:

    i hope that worker was fired all these people who are treating cops like the enemy just for being cops are real idiots becouse let them get raped or have a family member get raped killed have there house or car broken into and who are thay going to call

  10. Casey says:

    The kid did NOT refuse any such thing; It was the manager’s bad attempt at a joke making that comment to the officer, at the kid’s expense. Total misunderstanding. Funny that she “feared for her life” though.


  11. RedBearded says:

    I applaud him for doing so, it’s within his rights.

  12. Lisa says:

    Not all cops are bad so lets be little more respectful of them.