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When Is It Okay for Someone to Be Outed? When They’re Christian


This week in Midland, Michigan the pastor of a Lutheran Church was, it appears, forced to step down from his position. The fall of any religious leader is always a tragedy, but especially so for Rev. Matthew Makela. The story of his departure is a juicy one: despite being a married man, he also had a graphic profile on the gay social networking app called Grindr.

Why was Makela outed to his family and congregation? Despite the Left’s belief that a person’s sexuality should never be used as a weapon, especially against someone who is homosexual, Makela was an exception to this rule. Why? Because he was religious. Makela had spoken out against gay marriage, thus making him a target.

The website the Gaily Grind, which caters to news of the gay community, explained the logic,

One of the hardest things a LGBT person will ever have to do in their life, is come out to their friends, families and co-workers and reveal their sexual orientations. We adamantly believe that partaking in a witch hunt to out actors and other high-profiled individuals is immoral, especially for a gay website that believes in equal rights.

The only exception we believe it would be responsible journalism to out an individual, is a member of the media or government who either expressed homophobic views or vetoed gay rights legislation. The decision should be made on a case by case basis, according to the facts and evidence presented on that individual and if they can cause further harm to others.

Got that? Someone can be forcibly outed if they do not toe step the party line of the gay community. If someone is free-thinking, their right to live a life of their choosing is stripped away from those who claim they are working towards equal rights. Those equal rights, however, are only equal for some.

Comment below: Do you think the pastor should have stepped down?