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Now The Government Wants You To Rat On Your Neighbors For THIS!

Oklahoma bias hotline

The University of Oklahoma just went full liberal. The college has created a 24/7 bias incident hotline so when you’re feelings are hurt, you can call anonymously and report people. I didn’t go to a higher education institution, but I am sure I was told you are supposed to “grow up” when you do.

How are you preparing people for the real world with nonsense like this? News flash, life is complicated and you’re going to have hurt feelings and get offended.

The more I learn these things about our liberal college universities the more I want my daughters to learn abroad.

From Daily Caller:

After months of delays, the University of Oklahoma (OU) has finally launched a 24/7 bias incident hotline, so that students can immediately and anonymously report bias, discrimination, mental harassment and other sources of profound psychological distress.

The hotline was requested by OU Unheard, an activist group for black OU students, and Indigenize OU, a group of American Indian activists. The two groups argued that an anonymous reporting system would make them feel “more safe” at the school, which suffered a national scandal in 2015 when members of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon were filmed singing a racist song.

Announced in March 2016, the hotline was supposed to be operational within a month, yet several months passed without an update. In the last few weeks, activists started to shame the school online using the hashtag #yOUrbad, posting the alleged discrimination and microaggressions they were encountering that they wanted to report to the hotline, but couldn’t due to its non-existence. The mounting pressure may have affected the school, which abruptly announced that the hotline would go online Friday. OU, for its part, blamed the delay on a switch to a new third-party vendor and the need to train the vendor’s staff on the new system.

How do they have time for learning when they are so busy whining. I’m all for a hotline for rape, abuse, ect. Hurt feeling not so much. What are they going to do when they get a job and their feelings get hurt? Children who have never had to pay the consequences for their actions are in for a rude awakening in the real world.

Does your child go to one of these liberal universities that turns kids back into infants? Share your comment below if you think this idea by Oklahoma is a good one.