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Old Maury Tape of Suffering Young Girl Reveals Donald Trump’s Real Character

Donald Trump saw the story of a young girl with a rare bone disease on the Maury Povich Show and he decided to take action.

Megan suffers from brittle bone disease and was on Maury’s show as the result of a letter her Mom wrote to Maury asking if he could find another girl Megan’s age who suffered from the same affliction to be friends. Maury did. But Donald Trump was also watching. Megan was invited back and look what happened.

It’s an amazing story. The best part was Donald Trump himself sending along a video message to Megan. That had to be a particularly great moment.

This Donald Trump is a far cry from the one the media has painted him to be.

Share this with others so they know the truth about Donald Trump and will learn of Megan’s story!

H/T Tell Me Now



  1. Edward says:

    No matter what Trump does, the media will tear him down. It’s unfortunate, but be no longer have a free press. The media disgusts me………………

  2. Michael says:

    YET the lame stream media INSISTS ON IGNRING the truth about Trump. WHY??? Simple because it does NOT FIT their agenda of lies, hate and ignorance. PLUS they are upset because they CAN NOT FIND ANY DEMOCRAT LEADER WHO HAS DONE SAME FOR ANYONE ELSE.