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Tragedy Strikes Rio Beach Weeks Before Olympics Begin!

Olympics 2016

When it rains it pours and the 2016 Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro, have not had a great news cycle the past few months. The latest tragic news is a mutilated body washed up on the beach shores. This wouldn’t be that bad if it weren’t around the area where Olympic volleyball is set to take place in August.

I’ve even heard rumors of corruption that had the games placed there in the first place. It was a stupid choice of venue at best. Athlete participation is dropping, and there will be minimal spectator involvement. Who on Earth would someone attend such a pathetic showing with the added risk of an infectious disease and uptick in crime events?

From Yahoo News:

With a dark cloud already hanging over the 2016 Summer Olympics, the last thing Rio de Janeiro organizers needed was more bad publicity. But they certainly got it Wednesday.

Parts of a mutilated body were discovered on Copacabana beach, mere yards away from the 2016 Summer Olympics beach volleyball site, police said.

The body was initially found by a local street vendor, who reported the findings to a Rio newspaper. Police have not commented on the finding, nor have they provided further details.

Beach volleyball site preparations were halted a few weeks ago because of missing permits, but were resumed four days later, and are expected to be complete in time for the opening day of competition.

The washed up body is the latest of many concerns headed into the Rio games. Local political turmoil, a financial crisis, the Zika virus, delayed construction,water pollution and doping controversies are just some of the issues that threaten to haunt the event.

The Olympics begin Aug. 5, with beach volleyball competition set to commence on Aug. 6.

It’s time to rethink this whole Olympic thing; they will be another epic failure for the host country. The Olympics have become a huge burden on the host country and its citizens.

Take a look back at previous host cities, the venues are dilapidated and quickly become outdated and seldom used. England managed to repurpose their facilities, but overall, unless they are attached to a university such as swimming venues, they are just an eyesore and a huge waste of money.

Let Greece have it and make the Olympic committee pay for it. Forcing cities to the brink of bankruptcy every four years is insane. But I suppose that makes too much sense, the crooks that run the committee would lose out on all the kickbacks they receive.

Do you think it’s too dangerous to hold the Olympics in Rio? Will you be watching them or will you shift your focus elsewhere? Share your views below in the comment section and add this to your Facebook and Twitter timeline.