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OMG: Take A Look At What Just Crawled Out Of The Jungle!

Some folks enjoy relaxing on their vacations, while others get a kick from death-defying adventures like sky diving.

And others, like Mark Pierrot, enjoy taking their picture with huge, scary monsters.

Mark is the guy in the photo below, who was vacationing on Christmas Island when he spotted a land crab, the largest land-based crab in the world:


Also known as robber crabs, these things to grow up to be nine pounds, and feed on rats, fruits, and nuts.

They are also, as you can see, UTTERLY TERRIFYING:


But that didn’t stop Mark from picking one up. His photo is now being shared via the internet with some folks congratulating him on his bravery, and others wondering how he ever summoned the courage to pick up something so horrible.

H/T: London Mail

Would you have the guts to pick up this creature? Share your thoughts below!