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On the Run! The Way This Man Was Able to Steal $75k This Weekend Will STUN You!

A man in an air-soft tactical vest Golds Gym weighted vest fooled Walmart employees into believing he was an armored truck driver and giving him a cash bag containing more than $75,000.

Local, state, and federal authorities are searching for the man who calmly walked off with the cash early on the Fourth of July.

Surveillance video

He simply strolled to the cash offices, signed for the deposit and walked out of the store. Walmart employees didn’t realize anything was wrong until the real Loomis driver showed up almost an hour later. That’s when they called 911.

getaway car

Video surveillance footage shows the suspect pull away in a dark four-door Chevrolet – definitely not a Loomis company armored car. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been called in to assist with the case.

I can just hear his lawyer – it’s not stealing; they gave it to him and he signed for it.

H/T – NewsOn6



Comments on “On the Run! The Way This Man Was Able to Steal $75k This Weekend Will STUN You!”

  1. chellcato says:

    it’s not stealing, and why are the Fed’s involved? All my years of working at a bank I never saw that…as a matter of fact if the thief did take money for the Bank that was Federal Insured, in other words if they took money from a customer in the lobby as he was handing it to a teller technically wasn’t the banks money NO Federal Involvement… This responsibility lays in the lap of a private business, too many people don’t take responsibility…He showed up with a bag and they gave him the money, if procedures were not follow the company should swallow the loss.. I