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One Koch Brother Just Made Liberals EXPLODE With Anger! (MUST SEE!)


Few things create a Pavlov-like response from liberals more than a mention of the Koch Brothers. David and Charles Koch are libertarian billionaires who often donate to like-minded candidates and causes. Because of this, there are few people the left despises more.

While being interviewed on NPR, Charles Koch was recently referred to as “pretty much Darth Vader,” by host Kai Ryssdal. And Koch responded in an epic fashion. Koch Industries tweeted a photo of Koch laughing dressed up as Darth Vader, just to upset the left!

The Koch brothers seem to be the ultimate boogeymen for the left. Charles Koch showed that he wasn’t letting their hatred affect him. Rather, he embraced it and laughed it off.

Do you think the Force is with Charles Koch? Please comment below.

H/T: The Hill


Comments on “One Koch Brother Just Made Liberals EXPLODE With Anger! (MUST SEE!)”

  1. Bill says:

    Only another deranged Leftist cares what another deranged leftist has to say, lol!