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One of Her Fans Tragically Died… And Taylor Swift’s Reaction is Truly Heartwarming


Time and again, Taylor Swift is proving herself to be a classy and thoughtful patriot. It is no wonder she has so many millions of loyal and dedicated fans. In today’s pop culture scene, someone with Taylor Swift’s values is rare.

Taylor Swift truly cares about her fans. One fan’s story was especially tragic and Taylor responded in a heartfelt way:

Her name was Jalene Salinas. At only four years old and suffered from brain cancer, which is why Swift had a FaceTime discussion with Jalene on her iPhone. Jalene had it on her “bucket list” to “shake it off” with Taylor.

Sadly, Jalene just passed away. Once Taylor Swift found out, she immediately sent flowers to the little girl’s family:


Cancer is terrible, and we need a cure. Thank you Taylor Swift for caring about the fans, as your music brings joy the world.