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What One Policeman Did After a Routine Call Changed This Family’s Life


On a routine call, Chad Petty, a Richmond Police Officer, met Shahid Mauldin – a man with three kids who was down on his luck and struggling to find a job. Petty noticed Mauldin had made himself a bed on the floor, allowing for children to sleep together on the home’s only mattress.

“I saw them and they just kind of touched my heart,” said Officer Petty. “I just wanted to help them out any way I can.”

So, on his day off, Petty came back to the home, but he wasn’t empty-handed. He brought new mattresses, complete with sheets for each one, a television set and a video game system for the kids to enjoy as well.

Stories like this should be told every day, everywhere to restore faith in the communities between law enforcement and the people that live in the neighborhoods.


As if all this wasn’t enough, it seems Petty wasn’t entirely done. He is intent on helping the family get the school supplies they need for the upcoming school year. To help him in his endeavors, the police department is going to collect donated items for the family Saturday from 9 a.m. – noon at Richmond City Hall.

“We are officers, we are out here to help,” said Petty. “That’s what I want to do, help people.”

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