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With One Tweet, Media’s Attempts To Discredit Ben Carson Are Blown Out of the Water


As reported here and at The Political Insider, the media has been engaged in a biased feeding frenzy, trying to discredit story after story regarding conservative presidential candidate Ben Carson’s childhood. Yes, the same media that didn’t give a damn about President Obama’s past (has anyone seen his college transcripts yet?).

As an example, the press has been demanding verification of a story Carson told about being a violent youth, one which included an attempted stabbing. CNN ran a story which essentially said nobody from Carson’s youth could verify the stabbing story – particularly his mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s – and as such, he had to be lying.

But Andrew Kaczynski from Buzzfeed has put CNN’s efforts to shame, finding a quote from Carson’s own mother in 1997 which verifies the story.

Via the Right Scoop:

The media has been on the prowl like a lion waiting to devour Ben Carson by saying that there’s no evidence that the stories from his autobiography are true.

The media has been trying to discredit Ben’s entire conversation story by saying he was never violent, and they did this by saying they could not produce anyone who would confirm it.

But notice their standard of proof here – the absence of evidence supposedly proves Ben is wrong.

When it was Obama being vetted, the media placed the burden of proof on those trying to discredit Obama. But hey, they’re totally objective.

Just like that, the media has proven to be a bunch of leftist liars. Exactly as they were proven to be with the West Point hit piece, another which was proven false.

Oh by the way, didn’t we hear as conservatives for the past seven years that any criticism whatsoever of President Obama was racist? So what does that make today’s media, who not only criticizes Dr. Ben Carson, but outright fabricates lies about him?

Aren’t they racists by their own standards?

Comment: Is the media bias against Ben Carson out of control? Is it because they can’t stand the thought of a black conservative? Tell us your thoughts below.

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