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Breaking News: Ongoing Shooting At Major American Mall!


We are just getting details about multiple shots being fired at a Tennessee mall!

From WREG:

Memphis Police officers are responding to a report of a shot fired outside the Wolfchase Mall. Police were told by witnesses that one shot was fired.

So far, no victim has been found. Police are searching in the parking lot, near the Barnes & Noble store. A witness on the scene told WREG an ambulance is sitting outside the store.

It’s unclear if anyone has been transported at this time.


There have been a string of mall-related shootings in the past week, all of which thankfully have resulted in zero casualties, but the threat remains real. In all of these situations, local law enforcement have arrived immediately and have subdued the threat!

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Comments on “Breaking News: Ongoing Shooting At Major American Mall!”

  1. George says:

    this is what happens with the race division and the muslim influx, both of which are planned to make america into a third world country.