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Only Democrat Politicians’ Kids Are Off Limits

Yesterday we saw one of the most pointless Twitter mobs in the history of politics. Elizabeth Lauten, a communications staffer for a low-level Republican Congressman, made a rant about the First Daughters’ choices of outfits and facial expressions during the annual ‘Turkey Pardon’ at the White House. It was posted on her personal Facebook page, set as a friends-only update. Many stories about the rant included photos of the First Daughters from the hips up at the pardon, showing bored facial expressions, but omitting the extremely short length of the girls’ skirts.

Obama Turkey Pardon_Cham640360113014

Nevertheless, discussion of the Presidents’ daughters’ choices in outfits, and the First Daughters in general, should be off-limits, within reason. For Democrats, that rule seems to prevail. Recently, Vice President Joe Biden’s adult son was discharged from the Navy for testing positive for cocaine, an incredibly embarrassing development. The mainstream media collectively yawned, deciding to give the story as little attention as possible. Compare that reaction to the frenetic coverage given to the statements made by Lauten (which were on their face fairly tame, if poorly worded and conveyed for a communications professional) made to an audience of (what she intended to be) just her Facebook friends. One of these friends took a screenshot of the update, which was then circulated, making national news, and led to her resignation.


Are you surprised to hear that the kids of politicians are off-limits? The Bush twins and the children of Sarah Palin certainly are. Do you remember any resignations, let alone apologies from SNL after this skit mocking the twin daughters of then-President George W. Bush?

What about the resignation of CNN anchor Carol Costello after she celebrated the physical assault of Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin?

Of course neither of these occurred, not an apology in the former case, nor a resignation in the latter, because only Democrats’ kids are off limits.

Do you think Elizabeth Lauten should have resigned?