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Oops: Cruz Didn’t Realize This Was Who Was In His Campaign Ad!

Ted Cruz has released a serious of ads attacking Marco Rubio on immigration. The video that became the center of controversy can be viewed below:

So what exactly was controversial about this ad? Just one thing…

But the Cruz campaign is now removing the ad after it was reported by Buzzfeed News Thursday night that the blonde woman, played by the actress Amy Lindsay, is actually a soft-core porn actress. In addition to Cruz’s campaign ad, she has also acted in such films as Confessions of a Call Girl, Carnal Wishes, Secrets of a Chambermaid, and Insatiable Desires.

A spokesperson for the Cruz campaign, Rick Tyler, told VICE News in a statement that Lindsay got the job after responding to an open casting call. “Unfortunately, she was not vetted by the production company,” Tyler said. “Had the campaign known of her full filmography, we obviously would not have let her appear in the ad.”

The campaign will replace the ad with another commercial, although Tyler did not say if they would start vetting the actors that appear in future ads for their previous film history.


Not everyone agrees with Cruz’s decision however. Fox News host Greg Gutfeld sent out the following tweet:

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