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OOPS: MSNBC Didn’t Mean To Air THIS!

Isn’t it great when the liberal media gets caught in the act?

Following Sunday’s Democrat debate, a reporter was caught coaching the women she was going to interview, a Clinton communications director. She fed her questions, and even began to rehearse a mock interview with the director before she believed she was live.

Watch below:

The camera cut back to Ari Melber, who re-introduced Welker.

“So Jen, your initial reaction to tonight’s debate? Very fiery,” Welker said.

“Very fiery. Also very substantive,” Palmieri said. “I think it was probably the most substantive exchange that we’ve had. Also, there were a little bit of fireworks, but I think that it was useful because we think–”

Welker, on a delay, then heard what Melber’s second introduction.

“Ari, I can hear you,” Welker said. “I’m here with communications director Jen Palmeri. Can you guys hear me back in the studio?”

“Yes, we’re on a delay, but go ahead,” Melber said.

“Can you guys hear what we’re saying here?” Welker asked.

“Yes!” Melber said.

Welker then began the interview again.

H/T The Blaze

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