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Just When You Thought The Oregon Militia Leader Was Giving Up, He Just Made This Defiant Move!



My idea about the Oregon militia stand-off has changed over the weeks.

We live in a country that has peaceful means to settle disputes. Everyday courts in this country convene to determine which side will prevail in a dispute. Just because you do not like the outcome does not give you the right to break existing law.

The whole idea of democracy is that if you do not like the law, there are peaceful ways to change it.

Now Ammon Bundy has changed his tune from behind bars:

The jailed leader of an armed group that took over an Oregon wildlife preserve struck a defiant tone Tuesday while again urging four holdouts to leave, saying local residents should control the federally owned property and U.S. officials do not belong there.

Ammon Bundy said the FBI and Oregon State Police surrounding Malheur National Wildlife Refuge are leading an “armed occupation,” words typically reserved for the ranchers and others that launched the standoff on Jan. 2. He said the refuge “belongs to the people,” according to a statement read by his attorney.

Federal prosecutors are building a case against Ammon Bundy and his followers to show that the occupation was a threat to residents and federal employees. Prosecutors say the group, once numbering a couple dozen, was ready to use violence to hold on to the refuge.

The standoff also has created divisions among residents that will take time to heal. Many locals want the occupation to end and are eager to get on with their lives. But others sympathize with Bundy’s complaints, which are part of a long-running dispute over federal management of public lands in the West.

Some have rallied in support and opposition to the standoff, the latter often citing the death of an Arizona rancher by police. Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was killed Jan. 26 during a confrontation with FBI agents and Oregon State Police on a remote road.


These people believe that they have a better interpretation of the Constitution than educated Supreme Court justices. They can form a political organization to take their plea to Congress to get the laws changed, they can run for office, etc., but the have to follow existing law. They may, in fact, have a good argument, but their method of operation is flawed.

When you show up to take over a wildlife refuge (without the support of the locals ) armed to the teeth, you have thrown out the very true notion of a ‘peaceful’ protest.

This needs to come to an end peacefully so that everyone can be on the same page. One person has died in this scandal; that’s one too many.
H/T: USNews

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