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Oregon Protesters NOT Backing Down. “Armed Convoy” Headed Towards Compound


Protesters in Oregon are refusing to leave an occupied government building, even after eight were arrested and one was killed in a standoff with the FBI.

Via Fox News

An unknown number of protesters remained at the refuge Wednesday, but members of the media began leaving after the FBI reportedly told some journalists the Bureau couldn’t offer “protection.”

KTVZ reporter Lauren Martinez tweeted a video of her leaving the compound area with the ominous note “@FBI warns media no protection.” Oregon Public Broadcasting reporter John Sepulvado tweeted “.@OPB was told by FBI that we were on our own — essentially stuff is going down and we need to move.”

Earlier in the day, Jason Patrick, one of the leaders of the crew remaining at the outpost, said he could see an armored convoy and a number of law enforcement officers gathered from his perch in the compound.

“Sounds like the definition of peaceful resolution is either forcefully kidnapping me or death,” Patrick told USA Today. “A peaceful resolution is not dead people.

Could there be more bloodshed? Let us pray this ends peacefully.

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Comments on “Oregon Protesters NOT Backing Down. “Armed Convoy” Headed Towards Compound”

  1. of course Fibbies overreacted………..just like Ruby Ridge and Waco