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Oregon School Shooting Hero REFUSES to Visit With This Person!

Chris Mintz

President Obama has been using the Umpqua Community College shooting as a means to push for more gun control. But he is facing opposition from the community he plans to visit on Friday. The local newspaper publisher already stated the area is very strong on the Second Amendment and the President’s visit would be “inappropriate.” Others have spoken out as well. And now the most prominent survivor isn’t thrilled with meeting the President.

Chris Mintz is seen by many as a hero. The combat veteran was shot 7 times while trying to stop the madman. He has been the most prominent face of the victims of the mass shooting. And apparently he doesn’t want to be used a prop by the White House to limit our Second Amendment rights.

Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boyce met with Mintz and relayed the hero’s concerns about the President’s visit to Bill O’Reilly.

“I was fortunate enough to go in and visit with Chris Mintz and hear his story and what an amazing young man, just an extremely humble individual. And, when I mentioned to him that the president is coming he was not real excited about getting involved in the political part of this thing either..”

With so many people voicing displeasure with the President’s visit, what do you think they will really say to Obama?  Please comment below.

H/T: Conservative Review



  1. Aggie Marie says:

    Like I said on another post. Let him show up and whoever is at the airport at the time turn your backs on him and walk away. Wherever he decides to have his little speech turn around and walk away from him. He only has one agenda and that is that he is perfect and the rest of us do not deserve his respect and our own thoughts mean nothing to him.

  2. Robert says:

    Sounds like a vet with some brains! Hats off to you dude, from a zoomie vet! Salute and Congrats! America needs more men like you!

  3. Tina says:

    Honestly, I would be pleasantly surprised if people called him on his BS and stood up to him to his face as they are in the media outlets. However, it’s probably more likely they will have audience “plants” to advance their agenda on gun control especially knowing so far in advance that the community really doesn’t support it.