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O’Reilly Is Dropping Truth Bombs on the GOP! This Is Why They Can’t Beat Trump!


During his Talking Points segment last night, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly lamented that Americans are watching their country “evaporate before their eyes,” and even suggested the Republican party should be held responsible in some manner.

O’Reilly said that the growing rift between the GOP establishment and conservatives is devastating the Republican party, leading to John Boehner’s resignation and a surge in the polls for non-politicians.

He implored the Republicans to persuade American voters to do the right thing and vote for their candidate, even if that requires “pounding the table” or “imitating Trump, who has mastered the art of the outrage.”

Check out O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo below…

Via Fox News Insider:

“Traditional Americans are watching America evaporate before their eyes,” O’Reilly said. “The economy is terrible, now Wall Street is falling apart and median income for working Americans has fallen on President Obama’s watch. Overseas, what can you say, except American foreign policy is a debacle on most every front.”

He added that Trump and Carson have correctly identified the failures of Obama and the left, which is resonating with the American people.

O’Reilly said that it is the job of Republican leadership to persuade the majority of Americans to do the right thing.

“Sometimes that means pounding the table, and perhaps imitating Trump, who has mastered the art of the outrage.”

It seems rather incredible that traditionally establishment Republicans can’t figure out the main reason for the success of Trump, Carson, and Fiorina – It is a sense of passion in their opposition to the Obama/Clinton policies that are burying this country, a sense of willingness to actually fight liberal ideals.

Conservatives have watched Republicans lie down and allow America to ‘evaporate before their eyes’ for far too long.

Comment: Do other Republican candidates, despite not agreeing with Trump on everything he says, need to show the same kind of outrage with what is happening to America?