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O’Reilly Insults Americans Who Would Vote For Biden… BIG TIME! Libs Think He Went Too Far


A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey shows that if the election for president were to be held today, vice-president Joe Biden would beat several Republican candidates on the slate.

The closest any Republican chosen would come to defeating Biden involves a matchup with Carly Fiorina, who would lose 47 to 41%.

At the same time, the latest poll asking Americans about their satisfaction with the Obama-Biden administration shows that an overwhelming 67% think America is headed in the wrong direction.

So how could voters feel strongly that the country is headed in the wrong direction but still want more of the same in Biden?

Bill O’Reilly believes he has the answer – Too many Americans don’t pay attention, don’t care, and “are simply dumb.”

Watch O’Reilly’s controversial remarks…

Via Fox News Insider:

“The Factor” host said that Biden, as the vice president, endorses pretty much everything President Obama does, which has resulted in a poor economy and terrible foreign policy.

“So why would you vote for him?” O’Reilly wondered. “Talking Points believes the answer to that question is kind of cruel: Many Americans are simply dumb. They don’t know what’s going on, they don’t pay attention, they don’t care.”


It seems rather controversial to say Americans are dumb, but perhaps it explains how we ended up with a wealth redistributing, climate change fearing, radical Islamic sympathizing, pixie-dust President the last six plus years.

Comment: Can the Obama administration and Joe Biden numbers only be explained by the stupidity of the American voter, or is O’Reilly completely off base?



Comments on “O’Reilly Insults Americans Who Would Vote For Biden… BIG TIME! Libs Think He Went Too Far”

  1. Bill is right. The average American voter is dumb. No one in their right mind would ever vote the way these people do. All they hear is FREE and they are in. Blame the rich – they are the cause of all the evil in the world and thereason why they are poor. They somehow forget that the job they have was given to them by these same rich people bcause I have never met a single person who got a job from some poor person. The bottom 50% pay only 2.5% of the total tax bill – 97.5% paid by the upper 50%. The top 10% pay 70% of the tax bill. So who is and who isn’t paying their fair share of the taxes? Is it really a surprise who these people are going to vote for? They love where they are and are not going to vote in any way to change it – ever. And that group of ignorant people is ever growing. Have you ever watch Watter’s World on Fox? The dumbness of the average American is just stunning and very sad. Voter literacy might be a better way to go to change this but that is never going to happen in our lifetime.