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O’Reilly Wins Comment of the Week – This Is the Reason Gun Violence Is on the Rise


During his Talking Points Memo last night, Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly offered an alternative suggestion on why violence seems to be on the rise in America – a lack of God in people’s lives.

Within minutes of two journalists being murdered on live television in Virginia, numerous liberal politicians were quick to point to their usual boogeyman – guns. Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama were all politicizing the tragedy to push for more gun control.

“There is something else going on,” O’Reilly explained, suggesting that a decline in spiritual belief coincides with a rise in violent crime.

“If you do not believe in anything, anything goes,” he pondered.

Take a look at the Talking Points Memo…

Via Fox News Insider:

“Sadly, there is no way any country can stop disturbed individuals from killing people,” O’Reilly stated. “And because of America’s history, there is no way total control of firearms will ever happen here.”

O’Reilly noted that Chicago has ultra-strict gun laws, but cannot stop the terrible gang-related violence in the city.

“But there is something else going on,” O’Reilly asserted, pointing to a rise in nihilism and a decline in spiritual belief.

“The killers in Colorado, Charleston, Connecticut and now Virginia, all young men who had few restraints in their lives,” O’Reilly said. “If you do not believe in anything, anything goes.”

O’Reilly would later add that American society will only turn away from violence when that society and the media that covers it “insists all human life is valuable.”

Sadly, we live in an increasingly Godless society. One only needs to watch the lack of action being taken to stop Planned Parenthood from turning abortion into a lucrative business.

Comment: Do you agree that a society without spirituality is to blame for violence in America?




  1. Roger says:


  2. Jimmy says:

    I agree religion gives us morals and keeps us civilized.
    Too many People have no conscience now and don’t fear their consequences.