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Here’s What Obama’s FBI ACTUALLY KNEW About The Orlando Shooter!

Orlando Shooting

Maybe it’s time to send the FBI as we know it out to pasture, seems like they just don’t do their job, all these investigations sponsored by the taxpayers and what do we get? Dead Americans.

Omar Mateen was investigated for months before the FBI let him off the hook, and when they did, he enacted such carnage, never seen before in this nation. I fault the FBI, the FBI Director, and Barack Obama. Neither of them is protecting the nation from foreign or domestic terror, and that says a lot.

The FBI had this young man in the palm of their federal hands according to  this report from the Los Angeles Times and they just let him slip away. If they did that to him, what about others in the same boat?

From LA Times:

The day after the attack, FBI Director James B. Comey broadly outlined the 2013-2014 investigation to reporters. He staunchly defended the bureau, saying he didn’t “see anything in reviewing our work that our agents should have done differently.”

Still, the post-massacre review uncovered a surprising gap.

The senior FBI official said agents could have been more aggressive in accessing Mateen’s social media accounts, including Facebook. But the official noted that in 2013 such checks of online posts were not yet routine or “part of our investigative DNA.”

Today, one of an agent’s first investigative steps is to check a suspect’s social media, especially in light of the Islamic State’s aggressive recruitment efforts on Facebook, Twitter and other digital networks and apps.

In Mateen’s case, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. The post-shooting review determined his social media accounts contained no ties to terrorist groups.

He did not post radical statements until the night of the shooting, and then just to a group of friends, not the public, according to a second FBI official, who also spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the investigation.

After the shooting, the FBI determined that Mateen’s laptop computer had been used in recent years to view extremist videos online, including grisly beheadings. It also was used to seek information on Islamic State.

Watching offensive videos is not a crime, however, and federal agents did not have the probable cause necessary to obtain a search warrant in 2013 to even learn that much, FBI officials said.

Our whole government is corrupted, wake up America to the truth! Radical Islam is here. We all know now the FBI is hardly “law enforcement” these days – wouldn’t be PC. I was just thinking, isn’t this the same FBI Agents who investigated Hillary as well?

I for one have no confidence in the FBI after the director’s assessment of Hillary Clinton’s use of her illegal,unsecured, private server with no indictment! How could anyone, really!

Can you believe our FBI who most of us actually trust over everything else would do the American people like this? Share your voices in the comment section below and let us know what you are thinking. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.