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Orlando Terrorist Attack Survivor Got Hugs But Then…

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We’re all familiar with stolen valor. Some idiots find some satisfaction in claiming they saw action in the military when they were actually playing video games at the mall, or serving as Secretary of State. But this one is new. This is the strange and true story of Clint Lampkin.

When Omar Mateen shot up The Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, 50 people died. Many more were wounded, physically. But those weren’t the only ones in the club. Those who escaped without physical wounds will likely suffer psychological trauma.

So why would Clint Lampkin claim he was at the nightclub during the shooting, and that he is lucky to have survived while his friend died? Such sad desperate need for attention…a slap to those actually suffering and surviving. Does he think it makes him look cool? Does it get him the “attention” he’s craving.

This is really sad! There are people who were really there that night who aren’t saying so because they have not yet come out to their friends and families that they are gay. Therefore there are people suffering real tragedy who are now dealing and grieving alone.

Lampkin must have been moved by the spirit, because he took to the mic at The Rocket City Pride Memorial Service for Orlando, a Vigil in honor of the victims to tell his harrowing story.

He claimed he was in the bar when it all happened. “It was hard on me,” Lampkin told the awe struck crowd, “seeing people getting shot.”

Yes. That has a way of being hard on you. But his friend cut a screenshot of Lampkin’s facebook post that changed everything.


Clint, though, is denying it. He says his account was hacked and he didn’t make that post. When reporters asked him to say more abut the incident at The Pulse, Lampkin gets fuzzy. “I don’t know, it’s just, my mind was just gone,” he says.

“I did lose a friend, they got shot, and it was pretty hard,” Lampkin told the crowd at the vigil. The friend’s name? Lampkin can’t remember.

Who does this? So disgusting ….what kind of sick person lies to get attention from such a tragic event ….absolutely appalling. He is a liar and a disgrace to America. If I had a “friend” whose name I didn’t know, but I knew he or she died in this attack, you better believe I would be scouring the pictures of the victims to match up my friend’s face so I could honor him or her properly. No way this idiot is telling the truth.

H/T- Daily Mail

What do you think should happen to this guy? Do you think he should face some type of incarceration for lying about being in a tragic situation? Should he be committed to institution to see if he’s crazy? Share your opinions below in the comment section don’t forget to add this story to your Facebook or Twitter page.