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The OUTRAGEOUS Released Video Of Chicago Teen Shot 16 Times By Police


Chicago Teen

Let me get this straight – The cop who shot the Chicago teen gets put on paid desk duty for 13 months while city attorneys fought to suppress this video? Then in recent weeks they paid the family five million dollars in a settlement, and then the day before it’s released they fire the cop and arrest him?

What a waste of time and money, and an unnecessary delay of Justice.

In the raw dash cam video (below) of Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting 17-year-old Chicago teen Laquan McDonald back in October of 2014. McDonald seemed to be walking down the traffic street, allegedly wielding a knife in his right hand. As he moved away from the police cars, you can see Officer Van Dyke get out of his car and within seconds he starts firing at McDonald. He reportedly emptied his handgun – 16 rounds.

It is very sad for ALL families who have lost loved ones to this kind of situation, and hard when the media plays these videos over and over again. It also sparks fuel in the minds of the public. Constant negativity and street demonstrations. I trust and pray all will remain peaceful.

That said, this shooting looks very bad, though rioting and engaging in violence does not help the situation. Too many people see these events as opportunities to enrich themselves through theft, and black leaders should make statements discouraging any criminal acts. I believe this officer will be charged with first-degree murder.

There are so many ways for this not to happen in the future on both sides, if you have a weapon, drop it, raise your hands, lay down on the ground while you’re cuffed, and don’t fight back. Simple common sense ideas that seem to be ignored by these young men. Police have tasers, use them.

Here is the video dash cam:

I know this was tough to watch. What do you think of the entire situation? Do you think this entire process was tainted? Were the police trying to cover up the horrific video? Share your thoughts below and let us know what you think.


Comments on “The OUTRAGEOUS Released Video Of Chicago Teen Shot 16 Times By Police”

  1. Ron says:

    They say raise your hands, lay down on ground. But the majority of the time they will still hand out an ass whoopin. Clubs, knees, boots, tazers. The old cuff and drag.