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Outrageous! San Diego Just Tried To Ban This ‘Offensive’ Word!!


The liberal PC culture is truly ruining America, and San Diego may be the newest ground zero in the fight for American values.

According to the Fox News, San Diego just tried to ban to supposedly offensive words “founding fathers” but thankfully failed miserably!

From Fox News:

San Diego officials have walked back a warning to city workers ahead of President’s Day not to drop any F-bombs — as in the phrase “Founding Fathers.”

The traditional reference to America’s patriotic patriarchs was an example of “gender biased” language in a city manual, and the admonition not to use it was reinforced this week with verbal orders, according to legal watchdog group,Pacific Justice Institute.

The warning against referring to Washington, Jefferson, Adams and company as “Founding Fathers” first appeared in a section of a city-issued manual titled, “Bias-Free Language.”

Mayor Kevin Faulconer said in a tweet Wednesday that he put a stop to the matter as soon as he heard about it, ordering the passage removed and the manual scrubbed for any remaining similar examples.

Watch a video of the report below:

Even though the mayor of San Diego stopped the effort to ban the word “Founding Fathers” just the attempt to do so should scare all Americans!

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