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Outrageous: School Sends Out Mock ‘Hurt Feelings’ Report For ‘Whiners’!


In what is sure to cause controversy for a Delaware school district, a joke version of a “Hurt Feelings Report” was sent out to parents when it was accidentally attached to an e-mail about an upcoming school function.

The form appears to be one that has circulated on the internet for some time by Air Force members and in fact, does mention the Air Force.

It is certainly amusing in it’s mockery that could now be applied to the overly sensitive kids being coddled in schools today, or perhaps more so on liberal college campuses. But it could also be looked at as offensive, particularly if it was received by parents of a child who has been bullied.

The document asks for the “Whiner’s Name,” name of the “Real Man/Woman Who Hurt Your Sensitive Feelings,” and asks “Did You Require A Tissue For Tears.”

Check out the form below:


Via Fox News Insider:

A satirical form mocking “whiners” over hurt feelings is causing embarrassment for a Delaware school district after it accidentally got sent to parents.

The “Hurt Feelings Report” is structured like a bullying report and asks the administrator to fill out such information as the “whiner’s name” and whether the offended person required a tissue.

It then asks the complainer to “Tell us in your own sissy words how your feelings were hurt.”

The form was accidentally included as an attachment to an e-mail that was supposed to be about an upcoming school event.

Comment: What is your take on the “Hurt Feelings Report?” Funny or offensive? Share your thoughts below.


Comments on “Outrageous: School Sends Out Mock ‘Hurt Feelings’ Report For ‘Whiners’!”

  1. Liberal says:

    LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!! What is going to happen to these coddled little prissy pants when they graduate from the safety of their playpen and are thrown out into the cold cruel world? My money says suicide, severe alcohol and drug abuse and a large supply of adult diapers. LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!