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Pat Robertson Warns: We May Not Survive the Obama Presidency

Pat Robertson spoke today on The 700 Club and railed against those who supported President Obama’s re-election effort in 2012.

Speaking on the topic of ISIS terrorists, Robertson claimed that Obama “will not lift a finger” to stop their advance in Syria.

Robertson then asked the question many people are thinking as we watch Iran march ever-closer to a nuclear weapon, and Islamic militants brutally murder people in Syria and Iraq while capturing more and more territory.

“Can we survive as a nation these next two years before we get him replaced?” he asked.

Robertson also stated in an exasperated voice, “Ladies and gentlemen, somebody in America elected that man and elected him for a second term.”

Take a look, then feel free to add your comments below to counter the liberal response on the YouTube page…




  1. David says:

    Obama can not kill us all. He is replenishing the supply with illegal immigrants to take the place of the hated whites. When ever the socialist/communist and islamist take over there is always a slaughter of innocents. Obama has been building the hate for the white capitalist as witnessed by his success in Ferguson and even able to get them to kill police officers. We have seen his power. ISIS is following the same evil pattern they will continue to create their evil, yet they don’t kill everyone or they would have no one to support them when they are in control. Obama is our very own terrorist in control of the government for 6 years. Will this continue until he has the socialist/muslim gay minority controlled America? South Africa with the whites living in tent city refugee camps. They have had everything taken away. It is not equality, they live in fear for their lives, instead of being rulers of the country that they built. Their country is being destroyed. They are being blamed for the failures of the new black socialist/communist government. Will we survive Obama’s evil connection to the ISIS terrorist that the Arab world is calling ‘Obama’s Spring’ since they are the same ones that he has been supporting calling them the Arab Spring.

  2. Nancy says:

    I don’t think we will survive Obama. We have lost our morality and done all in our power to dismiss and demean GOD in our Country and that will surely bring on Armageddon.

  3. moochie says:

    There were a lot of Christians that voted for Obama that I question are Charletons or stumbling blocks to their parishoners…

  4. Yeshu says:

    Obama’s foreign policy priority is to empower Iran to destroy Israel.As Obama continues to seek a negotiated deal on Iran’s nuclear program, the Iranians have been working hard in recent weeks to infiltrate the Palestinian arena and re-establish ties with their erstwhile ally, Hamas.
    Emboldened by Obama’s obsession with the nuclear negotiations, which are set to resume next month, Iran’s leaders apparently trust that the Obama Administration is prepared to turn a blind eye to whatever they do.
    So the Iranians are apparently feeling free to meddle once again in the internal affairs of the Palestinians, to strengthen their hand still further in the Middle East.
    With bases in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq, Iran has surrounded Saudi Arabia and all the oil fields of the Persian Gulf. This encirclement can be comfortably backed with Iran’s forthcoming nuclear weapons program
    The Iranians already have Hezbollah sitting on Israel’s northern border. All they need now is another terror group in Gaza to the south, in order to create a similar encirclement. Iran has already come to an understanding with Hamas terrorists. And Iran is working hard to achieve the goal of joining hands with Hezbollah and Hamas to destroy Israel. Obama is abetting Iran to achieve its goal.