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Here’s How Paul Ryan Betrayed Donald Trump After Sunday’s Debate!


On Monday, House Speaker Paul Ryan talked to the members of his party and told them in so many words he wasn’t going to defend GOP nominee Donald Trump anymore. This comes after the release of the private conversation between Trump and then-Access Hollywood employee Billy Bush, who has been suspended without pay.

First off, when has Ryan ever defended Trump? I remember it taking him a long time to endorse Trump which irked many supporters. I don’t remember Ryan defending Trump publicly on anything of substance against Hillary Clinton or the Democrat Party EVER!

My fellow Americans it’s time for our nation to join together and have one of the biggest cleaning parties we have ever had! Time to dump these RINO criminal gangsters and hold them accountable for their actions!


From Newsmax:

The nation’s most powerful Republican told his party Monday he’s now focusing on making sure Hillary Clinton doesn’t get a blank check as president with a Democratic Congress, suggesting he doesn’t believe Donald Trump can win the election.

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office quickly said he was not conceding the election’s outcome. But pro-Trump GOP House members got that impression, pushing back and saying Trump can still prevail and should not be abandoned. One outspoken conservative called Ryan and other Republican leaders “cowards.”

A person who was on Ryan’s conference call with GOP lawmakers said the speaker declared that he will “spend his entire energy making sure that Hillary Clinton does not get a blank check with a Democrat-controlled Congress.” The person wasn’t authorized to be quoted by name and demanded anonymity.

Ryan said he wouldn’t defend Trump or appear with the Republican presidential candidate for the rest of the campaign, according to lawmakers and Republican congressional staff, who also spoke on condition of anonymity.

Trump fired back on Twitter: “Paul Ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs, and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting Republican nominee.”

Several people on the call said Ryan explicitly told House members, “You all need to do what’s best for you in your district.”

Ryan said he was “willing to endure political pressure to help protect our majority,” a person on the call said.

Ryan’s message appeared to signal his disbelief in Trump’s ability to turn the campaign around with four weeks until Election Day, though he didn’t actually revoke his endorsement.

Nobody wanted Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, but some finally caved. They fought against him for a long time. Memory problems people?

As Speaker of the House, Ryan did not stand behind the Republican base either, which is why the party has and continues to lose its members. Why don’t you guys just throw in the towel with the Democrats and just become one big, happy, and utterly corrupt DC cesspool party!

The more I think about this the more ridiculous it is. Ryan and the Republicans are lazy, feckless so-called leaders who don’t believe in helping us, they are only in it for themselves.

What do you do when the party leader, Ryan, decides to call everyone together to tell them he’s not supporting the nominee four weeks from the election? Share your comments below and don’t forget to share this article on your Facebook and Twitter timeline.

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