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Paul Ryan Just BETRAYED Trump After Teaming Up With THIS Liberal!

Paul Ryan Apple

If you’re wondering why Donald Trump is so popular… Republicans are sick of electing good conservatives, only to watch them cave to the bullying tactics of those so very tolerant and nice liberals. One by one, elected Republicans compromise away their principles to sit at the cool kid table. Paul Ryan used to be pretty cool.

Speaker Paul Ryan is joining Apple’s Tim Cook for a fundraiser next week in California. A couple of days ago Cook said Apple will not be sending any money to the GOP convention because they do not agree with Donald Trump. I’m sure that Ryan heard that but he has excepted the invitation from the same guy because Cook is going to put money in Ryan’s pocket.

Hey Wisconsin, are you listening? Your boy Paul Ryan sold you out. He is enriching himself at your expense. He is aligning himself with dirty corporations that want you to be poor and unemployed and take your jobs overseas for dirt cheap labor. Now these corporations are also importing dirt cheap sweatshop workers here and making you pay for their entitlements. Why would you vote for Paul Ryan again?

From CNBC:

Over the weekend, Apple said that it wouldn’t support the Republican convention —presumably because Apple doesn’t like Donald Trump and his penchant for saying racist things.

But Apple is just fine with Republicans: According to Politico, Apple CEO Tim Cook is hosting a fundraiser next week for Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and “a joint fundraising committee aimed at helping to elect other House Republicans.”

It’s worth noting that Cook, not Apple, will be hosting the fundraiser. Then again, Cook runs Apple.

Though Trump’s relationship with establishment Republicans is tense (to put it mildly), Ryan endorsed Trump in early June after a few weeks of dancing around the decision. More recently, Ryan said on TV that it was his “responsibility” to support the “duly elected” nominee of the party. Though Ryan didn’t say this while a gun was pointed at him from offscreen, it sure sounded like it.

For Apple, playing nice with Republicans is a way for the company to mend fences after its long, torturous tussle with the federal government over encryption. Still, Ryan and the GOP establishment agree with Trump on things that Apple has publicly condemned — such as the discriminatory trans bathroom measure passed in North Carolina earlier this year.

An Apple spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Yep…hold a fundraiser with a guy who just punted your party. What a guy, Paul…not ready for prime time. You are not man enough for the job; you’re just like Barack Obama.

You just have to know that something is going to hit the fan between now and the convention. Now that Manafort is in charge of the campaign, he and Trump are not gonna play around with this drama queen. They are probably just working on the timing of bouncing this traitor.

What are your feelings about Speaker Ryan except in the invitation of Cook after what the Apple CEO did to the GOP convention by not giving any money because of the presumptive nominee? Share with me your comments below and let me know if you agree with this or not.



  1. Frank says:

    Paul Ryan is an ass wipe piece of shit who has his head up his ass. I really hope the voters in Wisconsin are working to get rid of him. Actually, I believe Ryan should have his ass kicked off the planet. Just a thought.

  2. Mark says:

    Ryan is not a conservative, he’s a turncoat that had no intention of ever upholding conservative values and he’s knows he’s DONE. The fact he wanted to change to rules to not allow him to be removed once in office should have been enough of a red flag to toss him to the side. No, Our Career Politicians once again Screw us.