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BREAKING: Paul Ryan Just Made A SHOCKING 2016 Announcement! Trump Is…

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Speaker Paul Ryan is about to find out the hard way the rage that has been building by the silent majority. We are taking back America, one way or another. That Omnibus Bill he signed that gave Barack Obama carte blanche access to spend billions was the political nail in the coffin. The only thing left to do is lower the Wisconsin Representative into the ground.

The establishment Republicans do not have to give up the Constitution and their principles. But THE PEOPLE want them to catch up to today and let go of their comfort in corruption and do what they are sent to do. It is that simple and Donald Trump is that change manager.

On the other hand is the Dems who refuse to get off the corruption and the government nipple. They all either support the status quo or they are going to sit this out.

From USNews:

Political novice Paul Nehlen wants to end Ryan’s House career after nine terms, and he’s getting help from Donald Trump. An unlikely defeat in the Aug. 9 primary would probably spell political doom for the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential candidate and potential future presidential contender.

A tattooed, motorcycle-riding businessman, Nehlen labeled the speaker “Lying Ryan” on Twitter. He’s attacked Ryan for favoring a Pacific trade deal and accuses him of being lax on immigration and beholden to the establishment.

Nehlen got a boost from Trump when the GOP presidential candidate said in a Tuesday interview with The Washington Post that he is “not quite there yet” in endorsing Ryan. That could be payback for Ryan saying in May that he was “just not ready” to back Trump. Ryan subsequently supported Trump but has criticized him frequently, and their relationship is cool.

Trump praised Nehlen this week for defending his criticism of the Muslim parents of an American soldier slain in Iraq.

Ryan campaign spokesman Zack Roday expressed confidence in a primary victory and said,

“Neither Speaker Ryan nor anyone on his team has ever asked for Donald Trump’s endorsement.”

Ryan has raised 12 times the $489,000 Nehlen has reported collecting. Not taking chances, Ryan is airing his third TV ad, with people waving flags and praying as Ryan tells the camera, “I am committed to securing our borders.

If you had any guts for the few years, the borders would have already been closed. The establishment in D.C. is reactive; not proactive. You will never beat ISIS with this mindset. Wake up.

Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Ryan need to resign immediately along with President Obama. They all have blood on their hands. America is in trouble because of bad leadership and weaknesses. They have failed to secure the safety of the American people. It is time the leadership in DC owns up and take responsibility for lack of action to protect the American people.

What do you think of Ryan’s statement about protecting the borders? Do you think he’s telling the truth or do you think he’s pandering to his voters? Share your voices below and let us know what you think. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.