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Paula Deen Just Made a HUGE Announcement! (This is a BIG DEAL!)


After almost two years off the air, Paula Deen just made a huge announcement. This month, she will be debuting her new cooking show on Evine Live, formerly known as ShopHQ. The show is called Paula Deen’s Kitchen and will feature an extraordinary three-hour cooking extravaganza as it’s first episode!

They will also air additional live segments once every six-to-eight weeks. So great!


As you know, she was taken off the air after an incident which she has repeatedly apologized for. The fallout cost her millions of dollars, and kept her fans from learning fantastic Southern cooking tips:

The controversy about Deen erupted from a lawsuit — filed in March 2012 by a former employee of the celebrity chef and restaurant owner — that charged Deen and her brother with sexual harassment and racially offensive talk.

However, between her admitting to having used the N-word in a deposition in May 2013 and a judge’s dismissing the suit with prejudice in August 2013, Deen’s 14-year relationship with the Food Network dropped faster than a hot potato.

Millions in endorsement contracts and publishing deals were also burned, including Ballantine Books, Caesars Entertainment, Home Depot and Walmart.

But now the queen of butter is back, and we’re already hungry just thinking about it! Welcome back, Paula Deen!


Comments on “Paula Deen Just Made a HUGE Announcement! (This is a BIG DEAL!)”

  1. Go for it all, Paula! You deserve the very best. Isaiah 54:17 assures you of victory! May God bless you and all your endeavors.