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PAYBACK! Trump Threatens THIS After Pressure From British Pols


It wasn’t just the American media that went crazy after Donald Trump suggested banning all Muslims from entering the United States – the story was picked up by European media too.

And British politicians, sensing an opportunity to get their names into the press, eagerly pushed the idea of banning Donald Trump from entering Merry Old England.  They thought of it as a kind of poetic justice.

But I guess they didn’t get the memo that Donald Trump is a mean-as-a-pitbull operator.

Learning of the proposed ban on him entering the UK, Trump has now threatened to pull the $1 billion he has invested in the country. Trump famously owns several Scottish golf courses, and was interested in pumping more money in the country. But since the pols decided to lock horns with the Donald, it appears all those future plans are on ice.

What do you think of Trump’s tactic? Let us know below.


Comments on “PAYBACK! Trump Threatens THIS After Pressure From British Pols”

  1. gmhunt says:

    Pay Back can be a bitch, smart of Trump