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Liberals Demands to Know Why a Gay Billionaire is Giving Big Money to Trump

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Many news and media organizations around America are siding with Hillary Clinton as of late, mostly because liberals stick together when the man who could destroy their gravy train comes to town. The same can be said for many tech companies and social media giants like Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, all of them in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

But there is one man, a billionaire that has seen what the future is really about and wants to help GOP nominee Donald Trump reach the White House. In addition to that, he is a co-founder of PayPal and sits on Facebook’s board.

Peter Thiel was invited to speak at the GOP convention in July, where he rocked the house as a powerful speaker who was true to his convictions, praised the LGBT community and emphasized the importance of the GOP coming together to defeat Hillary Clinton.

From Yahoo News:

Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel is donating $1.25 million to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign, The New York Times reported.

This is the first time Thiel has donated to Trump, according to The Times, though he gave former HP CEO Carly Fiorina $2 million while she was still in the race.

The funds will go, in part, directly to Trump and the rest to his super PAC, The Times reported, citing a person close to Thiel.

Thiel, a controversial figure in tech who co-founded PayPal and Palantir and sat on Facebook’s board, has supported Trump in the past and spoke at the Republican National Convention in July.

“He’s running to lead us back to that bright future,” Thiel said at the convention. “Tonight I urge all of my fellow Americans to stand up and vote for Donald Trump.”

Good for you Peter. I was at the convention when you spoke, and you were just awesome. The crowd loved you.

Thiel completely debunked the lies of the Democrat Party. Trump and the RNC do not hate the LGBT community, and Thiel dropped a truth bomb on that lie. It’s about what’s best for AMERICA, not what’s best for the DNC!

The Republican Party has always championed the rights of everyone. It’s the Democrats who have only given lip service, usually at election time. When the Clintons were elected the first time, they made all kinds of promises to the LGBT community and kept none of them.

What do you think of this news? Do you think it will help Trump and the campaign or is it too little, too late? Share your voices below and let me know what you are thinking.

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