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Peaceful Rally Turns Ugly! Watch Protesters Bait Baltimore City Law Enforcement While Damaging Public Property

More than 1,000 people had joined a peaceful 90-minute rally at city hall on Saturday, demanding justice for Freddie Gray, 25, who died last Sunday from spinal injuries, a week after his arrest in west Baltimore. But the mood shifted dramatically when scores of protesters moved to the vicinity of the Camden Yards baseball stadium, scene of an evening Baltimore Orioles-Boston Red Sox game.


Twelve people were arrested, police commissioner Anthony Batts told reporters.

In the future, maybe a few certain things should be put in place before these “protests” are allowed to continue:

  1. They MUST obtain a permit – no permit, no protest and police should be allowed to arrest and stop these “protests.”
  2. The permit must state the date, times and location of said permit and stay within those limits. This will allow the police to provide resources for a specific period of time and the general public to adjust schedules as necessary for transportation.
  3. Insurance must be take out by the protest organizers. This will cover any damages done to public or private property as well as injuries sustained by police, protesters and innocent citizens.

I’m tired of seeing protests break out in a free-for-all with zero ramifications on the part of the looters and organizers. Peaceful protests are one thing but when you start looting and causing damages, you’ve gone far beyond that. Watch this video where the protesters literally confront the law enforcement officials.


We are entering a new era in this type of behavior. There will be riots (not protests as the media labels them) in multiple cities all the time now. The population of thugs is increasing. Nothing law enforcement does is right including defending their own lives. Their emboldenment by media and liberal politicians is a downward spiral. The only thing that is for sure is that it will cost us LOTS of money in taxes and economic destruction. The problem cannot be solved only contained and physically avoided by smart people.

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