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Pedophile Gets Off With No Jail Time – After He Winks at the Children’s Father, All Bets Were Off!

The father of a 4 and 7-year-old girl, who were targeted by a 67-year-old man, took matters into his own hands after a judge gave the pedophile a slap on the wrist and let him go.

According to the police report, Kenneth Faulkner pummeled the sex offender, Thomas Williams in the face repeatedly before throwing him down a flight of stairs, where he continued the attack. Williams was taken to the hospital for treatment and is expected to recover without permanent injuries.


Williams was indicted on two counts of solicitation of a minor, defined as “unlawfully and intentionally and being eighteen years of age or older, by means of oral, written, or electronic communication, electronic mail or Internet services, directly or through another, to intentionally command, request, hire, persuade, invite or attempt to induce a person, to-wit to engage in the offense of sexual battery by an authority figure.”

When it came time for sentencing, however, he was given just three years probation and ordered to be on the sex offender registry. The young girls’ father, Faulkner, was furious that Thomas would face no jail time.

“I met him on the street and he winked at me and smiled at me,” Faulkner told local news.

He says that’s what pushed him over the edge and drove him to confront Thomas at his home.

“He opened the door and came outside and I asked him, ‘Why did you do it to my children?’ And all he could say was he ‘didn’t know.’ I kicked his butt,” said Faulkner.

Faulkner was arrested and given a bond of $6,000, something he finds ironic since the sex offender he attacked was given a lower bond and did less jail time for his crime.

“This man did no jail time. My bond is higher than his, triple his.”

Watch the interview below:

Comment: Was this father justified in the decision to take matters into his own hands after the law failed his family? Let us know your thoughts.





  1. Guy says:

    We need to find out the Judge was on the case and target him for recall. Protests, letter writing, picketing, etc. This is a disgrace!!

  2. Pro gay has opened the door to pedophilia. Arm yourselves America! It’s going to get a lot worse.

  3. Miles says:

    My Brother was accused of this and got 10 years of Council, then finished and because he had a smart phone they put him in jail for 30-Life. My step mom accused him of raping her daughter because my dad would not hand over his business to her, then committed suicide two weeks later. My step sister tryed to retract the statements saying her mom told her to say that, but NO! He is still in jail!

  4. Malissa says:

    If I received no justice for my children, I wouldn’t go to his house but I would catch him in a private place with a mask and gloves and beat his butt til he couldn’t move!!!!!!!!

  5. Bobby says:

    He needed to drag that godamn judge outside and whip his ass. Wonder if the judge and the pedophile are old friends…in my opinion!

  6. Sherrie says:

    People please pay attention to the decisions judges make. You vote them into their position. Don’t vote for that judge again. Make a spectacle out of his decision when he runs for office. People vote for judges when they don’t know anything about them. These guys have to be taken off the bench.

  7. Vic says:

    That is why our judicial system doesn’t work. They don’t hold everybody accountable, perverts can NOT be rehabilitated, so what is the problem with locking this pervert up? If he were a kid with a joint he would have got 2 to 10! FIX THE SYSTEM! Semper Fi.

  8. Vic says:

    Had that been my children, They would have never found the Bastard! Semper Fi.

  9. Wanda says:

    I say yes as a mother I would do so

  10. John says:

    I would blown his dome off with my 20 gauge

  11. Inez says:

    Well, seeing as how the justice system we pay taxes to provide does not actually provide justice, I’d be willing to send a few bucks to help with this father’s bond.

    Innocence lost. The daughters, of course. Then the populace for being so ill-treated.

  12. Brenda says:

    I’d have put a knife in the guys heart!!!! No one hurts my child!!!!

  13. Robby says:

    I would have killed him

  14. Steve says:

    He’s lucky those weren’t my daughter’s I would have made him disappear. No body no foul….huh

  15. Randy says:

    i would have done the same thing…

  16. David says:

    See this is an instance where you get the judges picture thefirst and last name a picture of his car and license plate number and his home address and put it all on Facebook! Let the world see who these judges really are and where they live and what they drive!!!!

    1. Susan says:

      You are so right I am beginning to wonder what kind of judges do we have anyway.. We should never allow another one to be appointed,

      and right now just because they are a judge does not mean they should be like this one, A few years ago in Orange county ca they had as sitting judge who had been convicted of child abuse. I still say send them to Alcatraz, stock the bay, give them some seeds and a few sheep and do each other till they all die, send the judges there as well. I still wonder if the judge who released the guy they caught in the dennys restaurant with the little girl after he murdered the rest of her family, was held accountable for those murders?

  17. Joey says:

    The assault charges would have came first, if not manslaughter, had it been my daughter. Then, I would have been held in contempt of court after a sentencing like that. If I were the judge, and the assault charges hit my docket, I would sentence the father of the little girls to community service. ie: Beat that POS to death…… That is doing the community a service, in my opinion…..

  18. Pasquale says:

    Kids nowadays have no respect.

    1. Joey says:

      Re Read the article Pas, It is the old man that molested the little girls…….

  19. Sandra says:

    NO – I would give the dad a medal for not killing the pervert. Also, the judge needs to be removed from the bench. His head is not screwed on tight!!!

  20. Michael says:

    The dad should walk, the pedophile deserved to get his assistant beat, and then some. Try to molest my kids you won’t need a lawyer you’ll need pallbearers, and that’s if they find your body. Child molesters deserve to die. As do rapists in general regardless of the victims age race or gender.

  21. Vici says:

    How would you set up petition to demand a judicial review? That judge was way too lenient. .

    1. Joey says:

      Sounds like a payoff to me. Investigate the judges financial records. VERY PUBLICLY !!!

  22. Bonnie says:

    Makes me wonder where the judges sexual preferences lie???

  23. David says:

    The father was NOT justified by law BUT perhaps he was by moral imperatives. The judge should have been tossed down the stairs as well. Even though the father was wrong, I would not find him guilty.

  24. barbara says:

    This father does not belong in jail. That sicko is lucky he did not kill him. Personally, the father should have been given a medal. That judge, should be ashamed of himself for releasing this sicko back into the community to abuse another child. This is craziness. The wrong person is in jail.

  25. Stephanie says:

    I’d have beat his ass too. Don’t mess with kids!

  26. Mary says:

    Yes our system is broken and when someone with pot can get a long jail sentence but a child molester gets probation. By giving them probation the state collects supervision fees. These over paid college educated judges have never gone through what th He se parents and I bet if some sick bastard did that to a judges family they would have gotten life bet what these judges don’t realize is these abused kids will grow up with mental problems and a lot of them will do the same to other inncent kids. Probaly thinking he got by with it so will I.

  27. Mark says:



  28. conservative61 says:

    The man controlled himself very well. If that was my children he would not have Come out so well. Should be a capital crime.

  29. Don says:

    Dig a hole then take the pervert for a guided tour.

  30. Valérie says:

    The sentence for pedophilia should be the same as it is for murder because, it has the same effect: the destruction of an innocent’s life and future. Prison for life or death penalty, that’s how it should be! This father should be given a medal for facing such a monster! Children are the future of our kind we MUST protect them against all arm including sick people like pedophiles!

  31. Josh says:

    Dad has way more restraint than I do if it was my little girl I wouldn’t have stopped till I had. His heart in my hand

  32. Vickie says:

    Neighbors should take turns kicking his ass.

  33. Mike says:

    At my own comment. I am referring to the father not the pervert that molested the kids

  34. Mike says:

    Would someone please start one of those programs where you can donate money to help this man pay for this bond?

  35. Sean says:

    I would have kidnapped the son of a bitch, slowly tortured him to death, then hung him from the highest tree for all to see. Then I would go to that judges house and beat the living shit out of him to!
    Do not ever mess with my children!

  36. Daniel says:

    The old dude is lucky. If he winked at me after trying to molest my kid, I would have walked out of that house with both his eyes, his tongue and he “junk” in a plastic bag and fed it to some dogs.

  37. Aytac says:

    For $6000.00 I would go back and do it again. It is well worth the money.
    If the society will not punish him, I would have.

    Then I would have sued him for costing me $12,000 for bail money.

    1. David says:

      The $6000 is just to ensure that he will appear in court when required. He will get it back once that happens. Punishment has not yet been assessed since he has not yet been found guilty. The pedophile should consider dropping the charges against the father.

  38. Steven says:

    100% right. Why the judge didn’t even punish the pedophile is ridiculous. The father shouldn’t have been punished at all. The the legal system is broken.