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Pelosi & Company Deny Pregnant Amputee Veteran Her Vote


For the last several years, Americans have heard nothing but ridiculous and unfounded “War on Women” rhetoric from Democrats. What constitutes a “War on Women” in their minds? Not falling in lockstep with policies which leave the average American paying for birth control and unfettered access to abortion. Understandably many Americans disagree with these policies, especially given the responsibility for paying for them, including many women. It’s with this in mind that you just have to laugh at this latest story about internal House Democratic politics.

National Journal reports on the outrage, which they claim is predominately a product of conservative media,

As social media rumbled Friday with news that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and some other top Democrats opposed letting a pregnant Rep. Tammy Duckworth vote by proxy in internal party elections next week, the congresswoman quietly accepted that verdict.

“I submitted a request to the Caucus to allow for a proxy vote due to my pregnancy,” said Duckworth, a double-amputee Iraq War veteran, in a statement. “The Caucus chose not to allow me to vote via proxy. I respect the process and very much appreciated my colleagues who made sure my request was considered.”

But beyond the tranquil response from Duckworth—whose doctor has advised that she not travel to Washington in these final weeks of her pregnancy—Democrats squabbled amongst themselves and some critics were aghast at the refusal to lift a House Democratic Caucus rule against such proxy voting in this case so that Duckworth might have a say in Tuesday’s intra-party elections.

Why is it that Duckworth was denied a proxy vote? It might not just be because she couldn’t attend the meeting in person. Politicos claim that Duckworth was likely denied her vote due to the fact that she was planning on voting contrary to Nancy Pelosi, who made the decision not to accept a proxy vote from the double amputee veteran. National Journal explains, “Duckworth supports Rep. Frank Pallone, but Pelosi has backed Rep. Anna Eshoo, in what is emerging as a razor-close internal caucus split, where every vote could count.”

For those of you keep track at home, it’s apparently all right for Democrats to deny the vote to a pregnant veteran who sacrificed both of her legs in the war effort, but only if she’s voting the “wrong way.” Imagine if this despicable move had been made by Republicans instead. We’d be reading about it in more places than just National Journal, that’s for sure.

Are you sick of hearing about a supposed “War on Women?”



  1. Nancy says:

    There is no way the likes of Pelosi can wield power if they were honest.
    They have to create division and hatred in every area of life in everyday people.
    They are dependent on making any particular group believe they are being treated unfairly and then fuel those fires.
    These despicable people care only about themselves, their power, their wealth and their special status in society.

    There are no real winners in this….we are all losers if liberals don’t wake up and see how they are being used.

  2. John T. says:

    Nancy Pelosi has proven herself to be a very evil person.

  3. - says:

    put Pelosi on the lie detector an watch her squirm. she would not no the truth