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People Are OUTRAGED That This Deli Is Celebrating “White History Month!”


We hope this sign is tongue-and-cheek, but maybe it isn’t. Jim Boggess, the owner of Jimbo’s Deli in Flemington, New Jersey, posted a sign which reads, “CELEBRATE YOUR WHITE HERITAGE IN MARCH, WHITE HISTORY MONTH.” Boggess said, “No matter what you are — Muslim, Jewish, black, white, gay, straight — you should be proud of what you are. I shouldn’t have to feel bad about being white.”

Does this offend you? It offended some of his neighbors:

But a neighbor and former customer, Bhakti Curtis, who is bi-racial, doesn’t accept that. He said the sign, is “mocking Black History Month,” especially the way the T was crossed in “WHITE.” The cross piece was not right at the top, it was lower down, in a style used by the Ku Klux Klan and other white-power groups, Curtis said. That cross piece of the T has since been broadened to make it a more traditional, if top-heavy, capital T.

On March 3, Curtis saw the sign, told Boggess it offended him, but got no satisfaction. So he filed a complaint with the Flemington police. Detective Sgt. William Svard said Cpl. Louis Hribik’s report indicates that Curtis said the sign is “racist,” that he felt harassed by it and wanted to know what would be done about it.

Hribik went to Jimbo’s, looked at the sign, spoke with Boggess and decided that the sign wasn’t derogatory or racist and that no further police action was needed.

Boggess agrees with that assessment and believes he’s lawfully exercising his right of free expression. He keeps a copy of the Bill of Rights in his establishment for ready reference.

He said reaction to the sign has been mixed. Lots of people have been photographing his sign with their phones and giving him a thumbs-up. But others have objected, including someone from the Business Improvement District who asked him to take it down, he said.

via NJ.com

Maybe America should stop dedicating months to races, and treat everyone with respect during ALL 12 months.


What do you think of “White History Month?” Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.



  1. CMcBurney says:

    And not even two months later, this man went out of business!

  2. CMcBurney says:

    All of you are arguing over race. There is a bigger issue at hand! This foolish White man is once again trying to steal something from someone else. March is WOMENS HISTORY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congress declared March Women’s History Month in 1987! All the diversity celebration month’s have been declared by government. Not some idiot being “proud”. The struggle is real and I am sorry but White men have always been more privileged than anyone else in America. I am white but I am also a civil rights worker. Unfortunately so many people other than white man were suppressed there is a need for Black History, Women’s History, Asian American, Native American, Hispanic Heritage months. I also believe in the past year it has been proven time and time again that racism and sexism are very much real and very much here!

  3. Dan says:

    If we all would just stop using race to describe things we would all goes a longs ways in ending the hate between different groups. So there should not be a black history or a white history month, maybe we should just have a history month and celebrate all the great people in history without regard to their color. I would only use race in a description
    if it was helpful in locating a person, then you certainly could say looking for a young white male 5′ 10″ blonde hair wearing white tee shirt and jeans with tennis shoes.

  4. Victoria says:

    I LOVE WHITE history month! I think I need a White History t shirt!

  5. Mike says:

    This is equality and freedom of speech. If it’s ok for one group to have such a color based event then it follows that it’s ok for all. Freedom, equality, rights. These words have meanings, and the meanings are NOT politically correct in the modern context, nor are they supposed to be. You have the right to be offended, but that gives you no special rights to tread on anothers rights in a punitive or retaliatory way. Tolerance is another word bandied about by people who seem to get very offended very easily. Should we point out the obvious hypochrisy? Databyter

  6. Steven says:

    People see what they want to see. A racist will see racism everywhere they look. For instance, at my old job this guy said the word clan, as in a group of families or households. Of course a person in the group automatically thought Klan. Blew it into something that it wasn’t. I’m proud of my heritage and it should be celebrated. That shouldn’t offend anyone unless their living in the past. Let it go and move on.

  7. Scat says:

    Absolutely nothing wrong with this at all! ridiculous how some react when one mentiones white! What is wrong with these idiots? I am proud of being white, Caucasian! People need to lighten up!

    Oh and I am proud to be a infidel too! LOL

  8. Chris says:

    I think this is a Great Thing!! I love it

  9. Rick says:

    Outstanding! About time whites showed some pride and stopped being pushed around by other self interest groups.

  10. Dannie says:

    I agree, if we have a month for celebrating Black History, why not one for White History and even Native American history. But why any month for any race? Shouldn’t we respect and honor one another every day of every month? Jesus’ one commandment he left us with was” Love one another as I have loved you”.

  11. Kathy says:

    What is the big deal? Other nationalities try to break away from American history, why shouldn’t we have a white history month? Let them. This is pc bs. Can’t we file criminal charges against BO?! He needs to be charged with crimes against humanity and lose his precious nobel peace prize that he so richly DOES NOT DESERVE!

  12. Glenda says:

    What about the American Indian the only true Americans where are they on government reservation so that the government can control them

  13. Mack says:

    well I find it Odd we don’t say a word about Black History Month but let someone try to do the same for whites and people lose their minds now I find that sad not all history of white people is bad some of it is good so why can’t we have a month to reflect on what we have done

  14. Bob says:

    With this in mind, can you imagine what the reaction be if we whites would create a NAAWP? The blacks would go NUTS!!!

  15. Raven says:

    is there even such a thing? in schools this is the view that has always been taught, so why do we need a month to celebrate it?

  16. Michael says:

    I really dont see a problem … he is proud of his race let the man be … if you dont like it dont shop there … every culture or race has a day or month that they celebrate thier origins … im black i would shop there … it wouldnt bother me up bit … im there to shop not socialize …. thats just my opinion …

  17. Jon says:

    Jake, you’re an idiot. Racism should judged using the following formula. If you switch the race of the author, speaker, or whatever with the race of the subject or topic of the issue, comment, or whatever would it be racist. Doing that would that sign be racist? As far as ‘white privilege’ goes, by law there are no college scholarships offered to my white grandson that aren’t offered to all other races. There are college scholarships that are offered to minorities that aren’t offered to him. Recently on a late night television talk show an African American host asked an African American guest “If on his way to vote in the 2008 election he had seen Barack Obama murder a man would he still have voted for him or his white opponent?” The guest answered he would have voted “black”. The crowd cheered. If a white man had been asked a white version of that question and said he would have voted white, he would have been booed and his public life would have been ruined. So, white people have less freedom of speech or opportunity to receive a college scholarship. Where do the white privileges come into play?

  18. Richard says:

    Nothing wrong with the sign i have no white guilt. What have come to learn in my 51 years on earth is that blacks and hispanics and the most racist.

  19. Keith says:

    Im not a big fan of hyphenated Americans. Doesn’t matter to me where your ancestors came from…or you…to be an American and live the dream. We are a melting pot of races, religions, and ethnicities…thst is one of the very important parts of making this country the greatest place on the planet to live. Be proud…be loud…you are an AMERICAN!

  20. Shannon says:

    I’m so tired of the excuse “the rest of the year is white history month”. It’s such a bad defense in the conversation. Either way until the curriculum says to dial back on Black History Month or on the other side that we emphasize throughout the year the race of everyone else we learn in history, this conversation will never rest.

  21. Shann-a says:

    Why is it acceptable for other nationalities and skin colors to celebrate their history yet we can’t. What ever happened to equality?!?!

  22. Kathy says:

    Let’s see….black history month, bet tv, united negro collage, black beauty pagents!!!! What is exactly wrong with White history month????

  23. Teresa says:

    Why not have White History Month? Every other race/political/religion/non religion does.

  24. Katie says:

    Think all races should have a month of celebration and why not this is America…instead getting sore over the dudes sign just get over it and move on….got a problem keep it to yourself just secretly shows you don’t really care for equality for all….just saying…me I could care less either way…

  25. Charla says:

    Why not do away with Black/White history month and just have a Humanity month? A be kind to humans month? Wouldn’t that be more equal than all the others?

  26. Daniel says:

    If anyone feels that 97% of the history they are taught is about old white guys, it’s simply because THEY made history. Who was the first President? Who first sailed to America from Europe? Who discovered electricity? Who invented the telephone? Who invented the automobile that you drive in every day?

  27. John says:

    I’ll sUppOrt it, if in fact this country is based on equality, there should be no issue with this…

  28. Angie says:

    Black History month is necessary because most white people, including myself were not taught anything about black history. WHY??? Because it is very ugly and embarrassing. It needs to be shared, and celebrated.

    1. Steve says:

      Angie you are an idiot. Whites have nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. We have been responsible for almost every advance in the world be it medical, scientific or engineering. We have wiped most diseases off the face of the planet and put a man on the moon. Yes Asians have contributed a lot as well. Meanwhile Africa has contributed almost nothing. There are a couple of noted scientists and doctors but for the most part blacks can’t even run their own communities without violence and crime. Even when they are in charge of a whole city like Baltimore they do nothing but reduce it to a ghetto. You may not like what I am saying but it is the sad truth. Look at Africa as a continent. What has it contributed to the world? Mud huts, war, and famines…oh yeah and AIDS, can’t forget that little gem now can we…

  29. Martin says:

    screw anybody who has a problem with this. sick and tired of whites taking the blame for everybody elses problems. if you want things in life yes you have to work for it. that’s obvious. but you also have to treat your fellow man with respect and if your working for them you give them the same quality you would give to anyone else.you’d be surprised how your quality of life as well as your wallet feels by doing those very simple things,.

  30. Robert says:

    Would someone please tell me when “They” passed the law that made being proud of one’s race illegal? I musta missed that one!!!

  31. Travis says:

    Wow people getting offended just about everything now a days, look the wide world out there people are not going to tailor everything to satisfy every person everywhere. What this sounds like is people will find whatever they can to complain about it yet in defense of this sign why is this wrong, we have Black, Asian, Indian etc. sounds like people need to lighten the hell up and instead of attacking people ie (calling the cops on someone who has a damn sign up) why don’t you make an effort to bring people together!

  32. Heidi says:

    How bout changing Feb. To american history month and let people celebrate what ever they want.or better yet since the real true Americans don’t have a month ,change it to native american month .then stop bitching because the blacks don’t get a special month .go to the welfare office and it seems they get every day. And to the man that said the Irish are no better than blacks we fight every day to overcome your assanine racism
    But your still out there every year getting drunk on st.pats day.

  33. Laura says:

    Im proud of who i am so why not have a month to celebrate it. If its ok for all other races why not mine. If you ask me i think its racist to not have a white history month.

  34. Adam says:

    Black history is just as important as white history. They coincide with one another. To even have a month dedicated to one race of people is, in my opinion, ridiculous. We should celebrate that we all have overcome very arrogant times in our past, even though we do experience stupidity to an extent in today’s society. It takes real men, and real women, both black and white, to stand up and say the past is in the past, and to move on. However, words are just that, words. Words are not actions, they are not a step forward, words are not an open door to a better future. There should be no month dedicated to any race. The only month I think we should consider, is a month dedicated to our veterans, black, white, Hispanic, etc. Celebrate all races for their sacrifices.

  35. Gwen says:

    I am cajun french , we are a minority and were persecuted all the way from nove scotia to the gulf of mexico swamps. Does anyone remember learning about us in school? Our culture is all but extinct. We have no Acadian history month. I have always resented the fact thag I was never taught the language because our parents were told it was wrong not to speak english in public. My dad coul not speak English until he was 8 and was persecuted for it. So don’t give me your black history month sob story. Cajun and proud.

  36. Rey says:

    There’s nothing wrong with his sign! If it offends you , then you have every American right to not shop, eat or step in there. It’s so simple ! Nothing racist about it.
    The only ones racist here are the one commenting about blacks and whites and whites this whites that blacks this black that, they sell drugs<<<< lol .drugs are sold by all sir including " whites" yes I know what a shock right? Anyways enough about you all "racist" people. Lol

  37. Tt says:

    Is there a Hispanic or Mexican history month yet? I’m guessing there will be soon, because they’ll be the majority in the US in a few years at the rate they’re flooding across the border unchecked.

  38. Rita says:

    There is more than one or two races that make up our USA So if we are going to have Black & Hispanic history months we should have Native American, Japanese, Chinese, White or European Nationality history months. Ever race is entitled to learn about their history not just a few so called minorities.

  39. Kathleen says:

    Anyone remember celebrating George Washington birthday? What happened to that holiday? Why don’t we have a holiday for uhm say Ronald Reagan? Or John Wayne? Oh that’s right we have to have black history forced down our throats cause we as White’s are now the minority! If you say your proud to be white/Caucasian your racist

  40. anony624 says:

    The check-your-privilege card needs to go. Let me tell you a story about a white, USA born amd raised girl who was forced into labor trafficking at 6 years old. She knew what it was like to have to work 10-12 hours a day and get nothing out of it. To have to work in the snow, soaked shoes, nearing hypothermia, and be so tired she just lied down on the snow crying “I don’t care what he does to me, I can’t keep going” while her brother yells at her “you have to get up! If you get caught he’ll beat you!” She knows what it’s like to be tempted to hide money so they can try and get food when no one is looking…then get scared of getting caught and hope the extra money she made will result in a day off or extra meal…then turn it in and get neither, and deal with guilt for the rest of her life because she watched her brother cry, hungry and tired, knowing it was her fear that deprived him. She knows what it’s like to be rescued just 18 months before trafficking laws are passed, so no justice or help was ever served.

    Now tell me, Mr or Ms Check Your Privilege, what is your experience with slavery? Oh, your great (x7) grandparents were slaves? I’m sorry, how does that affect you? If you’re a USA citizen, you live in a country with a black president and black leaders–that the people voted in. You can have history months, organizations that cater only to your race, and an excuse that people in your family who died so many years ago you never even met them were treated bad so you are too.

    But tell me, what’s your experience with slavery? My guess is, you haven’t experienced it like some of us have. Even though we’re white. So go check your own privilege. If you’ve never had to go through that, trust me, you’re privileged.

  41. Finally a history month I can get into!

  42. Scott says:

    There’s only one race. The human race. I hate each and every member equally.

  43. Scott says:

    What is this guy truly hoping to accomplish besides being antagonistic?

  44. Candice says:

    I don’t know if any of you know this but the Irish were sold as slaves as well and for a cheaper price then black people were sold, but you don’t hear about that like you hear about black slaves. I don’t think there is anything wrong with celebrating white history just like we celebrate black history. The fact that someone said we celebrate white history all year is absolutely ridiculous, we do not, and stop making it racist. Black people have black history month, and the NAACP, and the negro college fund and I’m not saying that we shouldn’t but at the same time we don’t have the white college fund, because that would some how be racist to not include black people, or any other race. This day and age black people get financial aid just like white people, without it I couldn’t have gone to college, anyway, my point is that this shouldn’t be about race, and I am certainly not “privileged” because I’m white, poor is poor regardless of you skin color.

  45. Danny says:

    Maybe we shouldn’t celebrate any heritage month. That could solve everyone’s problem.

  46. Lois says:

    I use to have white quilt. I don’t anymore and my children are taught to love all.

  47. John says:

    It’s simple: If you are against “White History Month” you are the racist.

    YOU call others racist at the drop of anything that you are uncomfortable with to shut them up.
    YOU call others racist because you are not comfortable with yourself.

    YOU are the racist, now you are “outraged” because a Caucasian has dared to proclaim “White History Month”. Look in the mirror, look at your flesh. You call others racist before they call you one. Well, it’s not about you.

    YOU claim you are offended, are you really, or is it more that you think others are offended thereby making it your personal job to call out “racist”.

    YOU are the racist, no one else, just YOU.

  48. Brenda says:

    Sorry Paulette but even the Indians (native americans ( came here fron other continents to begin with, as anthropology has proven…as well as the fact that all humanity originated in Africa and spread out and populated the earth from there. Personally I don’t think there should be separate months or institutions celebrating any race or culture specifically under government auspices…privately is a different matter. We’re all suppised to be equal but things like this make us further from that than ever.

  49. Carletta says:

    In this county freedom of speech is a right and he has the right to his view. I don’t see anything wrong with this! Everyone needs to lighten up! I am sick of all this race crap…cops have to shoot a criminal then they are racist and everyone forgets the guy who was shot was BREAKING THE DAMN LAW!! PEOPLE STOP WITH EVERYTHING BEING ABOUT RACE!! White people are not holding you back if you are being held back it is because you are holding you back not the white man!!!

  50. Russ says:

    Does the black man think his or her life would be better if we had never gone to Africa?

  51. Russ says:

    My God!!! There is one thing that NO black person can dispute. What dont you understand that if it wasnt for the white man, you would still be in Africa? Count your blessings for the white people. DAMN!!!!

  52. Ronald says:

    White Pride suggests a lack of White Guilt. White Guilt is the Black Key that opens many doors to free schooling, big fat easy welfare checks, food stamps, subsidized rent and house payments. If you try to say anything they don’t like you are a “racist” The prisons are full of these semi-humans are so full they need more space. Blame the white man for being in prison

  53. Lorrie says:

    So why would anyone be offended? I’m sick and tired of Liberals throwing the race card around and the word “racist”.

  54. Lorrie says:

    Jake, what’s the matter? Are you not creative enough that you can’t reply to each post? You really have to copy and paste the SAME answer for every response here? Really? AND you are wrong? So you want to be wrong over…. and over….. and over….. What a tool.

  55. Jennifer says:

    This did not offend me. We celebrate black history month, Chinese new year, so many others. Bok Kai festival…I can name so many, so why not? Are we allowed to have white colleges? Then why are there black colleges? We need equality in every way in this country. Wake up, people! And Jake, you have a chip on your shoulder. Don’t comment.

  56. Laura says:

    I’ve always been curious as to why “we” don’t have that. I was once told it’s because our history books teach white. HELLO….Harriet Tubman & the underground railroad, the freedom from slavery, Mr. King, etc. And I’m sure since my days of schooling the books have been updated several times to include even more non-white events & people responsible for them. I don’t know why a month has to be dedicated. If you want your children to learn black history then teach them year round. Personally I take offense to this dedication. Then there’s the highly publicized, Black People Meet. Really? What about White People Meet? This just always gets my panties in a wad. Enough of the differentiating already. Chinese history month, Latino history month, Trinidad history month, Korean history month, Swedish history month, German history month, Iranian history month, Russian history month. If there’s going to be a specific month dedicated than ALL should be. After all, it’s the great American melting pot.
    2 hrs · Like · 2

    1. Laura says:

      Put an end to Black History Month & this won’t be an issue to ANYONE anymore.

  57. Larry says:

    A great man had a dream. In that dream he stated that, “He hoped one day men would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin” . We need great men like him again. Too many people on all sides of the racial divides use race as a separator. We need to stop having all of these ____ history months and start having the history of humanity, good, bad or indifferent. RIP Dr Martin Luther King Jr. It’s been a long time but hopefully one day your dream will come true.

  58. Michelle says:

    Good for him!! I would celebrate my history. The way I see it, if YOU are continually pointing out that you need a whole month to celebrate your history, you need your own entertainment channel, your own magazine, your own league, your own scholarship program then YOU are creating the racism. YOU are setting yourself as different or more entitled than everyone else. Slavery was bad, but were YOU a slave? If your ancestors had not been brought here then you wouldn’t even be an American. If people really want to make everyone equal, either give EVERY race a month to celebrate their history, give Every race a tv channel, a league, a scholarship program, or give it to none.

  59. IndyAnn says:

    Fine, lets have white history month.
    Terrorists invaded in 1492, then again in 1537 and 1620.
    The survived by lying to Indians, then enslaving them until 1915. Well, the ones they didn’t murder.
    When that wasn’t enough, they went to a different country for slaves.
    Their descendants now live off of that genocide and slavery that their terrorist forefathers began. Which continues, to this day.
    All the while complaining because their life is oh so terrible.
    White history month over

  60. Ed says:

    You have a point. The white culture in the USA is tarnished with the attitude towards Blacks. We still have a ways to go to achieve Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s dream. That said, might I remind you that most of the people who became slaves in our country were enslaved by Africans. In fact slavery still exists in Africa. I do not hear any complaints about your African heritage. In fact I hear about pride in your heritage. And, I celebrate that with you. My point is that no culture is perfect. Let’s celebrate the good and strive to eliminate the bad. I do not know how much sincerity or sarcasm was intended by the owner. That is his right. How we choose to proceed ourselves is our choice.

  61. Dan says:

    Im native American, and i find absolutely nothing wrong with black, white, red ect,ect. History month.

  62. Jim says:

    Good for him. Jake constantly talks about equality. People say that there are less black actors than white. Less this than that and so forth. Well since almost 78% of America is white and 18% of America is black it stands to fact that there would be more white actors, more white this than that. I bet there are more than 18% black American actors out there.

  63. Kim says:

    First off good for the establishment owner. Second, Bhakti Curtis the “t” you are offended by is a lower case “t” like the one’s in your name. Do you capitalize those when you write your name. People in this country are to thin skinned. Everything offends them.
    And to this JAKE dude who replied so often below…..you need to get over yourself.

  64. Jon says:

    I just want to say to jake the coward with no picture just shut the hell up.My great uncle died in WWII and my grandfather’s fought and my dad foughtin Vietnam and I have fought in iraq for people like you could have ANY rights. This man has the right to do that and I agree in equality! If its ok to celebrate who you are for a month then why cant white folks celebrate just like you do because let me remind everyone it took alot of courageous white folks to get to this point in our society and without white folks helping I believe black folks would still be slaves. I am Christian and I try to love everyone because we are all equal in gods eyes and he says love thy neighbor! Are we loving our neighbors? We are all equal and this man did no wrong!

  65. James says:

    So what is wrong with white history month. You have 2 TV channels that are set up for black people bet and bounce. Let a white person have a channel called wet and see if it isn’t called racist….. You have you own collage fund…. White people don’t… Also where is the native American month or TV channels or collage funds. This stuff has to stop or racism will never stop.. We are all Americans. I sorry but unless you were born in Africa and moved here then became a citizen then you may use the term African American but if not your an American. Itlike your trying to keep yourselves seperate from the rest if that is the case hop back on the boat. I don’t care where you came from. I am of Irish decent but I don’t call myself Irish American I am American… Plain and simple. To many people blow thing way out of proportion…. White history month is a go for me…..

  66. Randi says:

    So what is wrong with that ?

    1. Brett says:

      I got a secret for all who want to bring racism in to this racism don’t just happen left to right right to left it is all across the spectrum racism has no color. There is nothing wrong with feeling like one race gets more action then another. It becomes racist if u bring it in to this this person who put up the sign was just stating what he believed get over it leave it alone and guess what I’m not white I’m not tan I am American not anything more or less.

  67. Matt says:

    If you’re white you must bow down to blacks, Mexicans and Middle easterners.

  68. Sogom says:

    If we are a free country everyone should have the same rights. If blacks have a tv network a history month and a magazine so should every other race of people in America.

  69. Keith says:

    I 100% SUPPORT HIM!! I wish he was not so far away, because I would also patronize his deli!! WAY TO GO!!!

  70. Joni says:

    We should remember that there is a difference between “celebrating” a history month, and “teaching” history. All history should be taught, but I see nothing wrong with any group “celebrating” their history.

  71. Lisa says:

    If your really going to celebrate white history month don’t forget to “celebrate” taking land that didn’t belong to you in the first place. Native Americans were here first, not the whites that decided thet owned everything.

  72. Timothy says:

    This country prides itself on being the “Melting Pot”. I’m white but of mixed National Heritage and I’d like to see a Mutt History Month for those of us whose families completely assimilated with all our neighbors. There is but one race on our planet. That is the Human Race. Embrace your Humanity, not the color of your skin or what side of an artificial boundary you were born.

  73. Carol says:

    why not Amercan Indian month,or Mexican month or all the different other nationalalitys!

  74. jakeknight9 says:

    I would like to chime in. For Jake that states the equality is just on paper. First if I’m a Puerto Rican born southern raised . past NYC resident. And I just like to say that for a hand full of people that I have encounter in my life . I have never had the problem you are stating. I have gone to school went to college(didnt finish) and lived in the best neighborhood in NY Philly and Tenn.and never encounter any obstical along the way. I have never been racially profile when I had a car. And for just a few month have only been on foodstamp.And my race celebrate Puerto Rican day with whites and my black friend and my white friend celebrate black history month to gather we celebrated women in history month thus past week and u grew up learning about the history of black ,Indians and whites in schools at an early age. So I don’t have a problem with whites having a history month cause if every has one why can’t whites be proud if what they are. I celebrate The San genaro festival with Italians and st patties day with the Irish west indie festival with the islanders and in my home we celebrate Kwanzaa. Because growing up I learned a very valuable lesson that no matter what race you think you are you are not 100% of that race. We all have black Indian and black in our blood. And until people just stop blaming other race for their own problems that race will never advance.black was the second race to arrive to this country after the English Spaniards French and dutch then came Italians Irish Japanese and so on then in the 50s my people migrated here . and every race has prosper in this great USA. So please look at history not just the slavery area but every part of history and ask yourself if you still are better worst or the same from 200 years ago . and if you think blacks are worst or not advance in any way then please answer this question why have every race feel there better if then 200 years ago and not yours. Mine at least are proud people that are in history if this country but not in the school books

    1. jakeknight9 says:

      Sorry for the grammer people was writing from phone on a bus

  75. Rachel says:

    Whites are the majority and have historically been t he oppressors not the oppressed. “White history month” is stupid

  76. Linda says:

    I think a white history month is a great idea, it can show how everyone came to this country and help people to understand that not all white people had ancestors who owned slaves and in fact were leaving countries that enslaved them in various ways.. If you were not born into wealth you were a serf or peasant or servant of some kind. Also I think there should be a woman’s history month, showing the struggles of women through the years to get as far as we’ve gotten today, black, white, and other. Young women today do not understand what our ancestors went through just to get the vote, not just for white women but all women. And Rosa Parks should be celebrated during women’s history. Our pioneer women don’t get enough attention in the part they played crossing this country to help expand and settle it. Look at the donner party, it was mostly women and children who survived, by mothers doing whatever it took to keep their kids and family’s alive, maybe it was unorthodox but they should be celebrated for their bravery alone. So yes, why should we only have a black history month, when others are just as deserving? We also very much need an Native American Indian month, they are not celebrated enough. I could go on.. It would be easy to fill all twelve months!

    1. Donnell says:

      History is history it has no color if u add color u bring racism because people get offended in reality this country have people to much power we are loosing everything g we had to make this country what it was because an immigrant can come and vote away our history this is bs let the man celebrate his culture at least he has it black history month is about people who fought for equality not about the culture of African americans

    2. Tammy says:

      That’s another there are not enough months in a year to give every culture a history month because every culture has gone through something that has brought each of us where we are today…why can’ t we be proud of that and celebrate that instead of pointing fingers at each others…this has going for how many years,yet we aren’t the only cultures that have brutally and verbally abused but the only ones who complain…I’m proud of my heritage and all the others too…we have come a long way to where we are…together we all share in the same living standards and rights.

  77. Robert says:

    WHM is equal to BHM, black is not a culture either, and there is no such thing as White Privilege, get over your self victimization. Blacks originate from many places too. Get over yourself. Jamaica, S. America, etc. Black History Month is Black privilege…attempted.

  78. Jim says:

    I agree. If blacks can have a whole month dedicated to them and PBS,NPR and History channel and BTV can devote all of their time “honoring” black history then by God whites should get the same time to honor white history. It is absolutely NOT racist to honor white history any more than it is Racist for the blacks to honor black history.

  79. Paulette says:

    I think its pretty funny, because Americans all come from someplace else, except Indians.
    We should all celebrate! Seriously in schools they should teach more about the contributions of black Americans.

    1. Dan says:

      Were native americans, not indians.

    2. Tammy says:

      That’s just it we all come from somewhere else and was brought here by our ancestors…Native Americans (Indians) were the originals here they had no problems with how they lived…and also had different Indian groups living together but managed well…and people are making such a big deal over black and white…and over a sign…I mean really…”WAKE UP AMERICA”

  80. Patty says:

    Dang what is peoples problem we celebrate black brown irish muslim month,what is wrong in celebrating white history month? God created us one and all God loves us all, just so you know I am irish and I am white. so who cares one way are another. People get mad because that is what they do dang people grow up.

  81. Clarence says:

    Legally there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. But, why can’t we go beyond the current tragic racism “battle” and just all be Americans! And Biblically speaking, to paraphrase “if anyone does something that causes a brother or sister to stumble he or she should cease and desist”. The sign certainly causes some to “stumble” into resentment. And I honestly believe the shop owner knew that would happen when he posted it, though he might not admit it. Sad !

  82. Jamie says:

    There is Nothing wrong with this sign! Thumbs Up to this Man!!

  83. Thomas says:

    how is it racist to celebrate white history month? honestly we have months for ever race EXCEPT white. technically that in its self is racist. there are definitive times through out the year where other races get to be out in the spot light for whom and what they are expect white people. someone brings up the idea and gets labeled a racist instantly from one community or another. Why question is why is it racist? you get labeled time for you to celebrate where your background originates, why can’t we as white americans? Racism is defined as something saying that one group of individuals are more superior or inferior to another group of individuals. so here is my question. White people can’t have a month to celebrate their history during but every other race can. that is racist my friend. also while i’m on the topic. how about this question black college students can go to school just on the basis that they are black, aka the united negro college fund and the NAACP. Where is my college fund just for being white? also here is the funny thing about slavery that people forget to remember when calling it bad, most of the people put into slavery were traded, that’s right TRADED, by their own tribe leaders. so before anyone can say its racist to have a white history month think about the fact that every single other race has a specified month to show their achievements and history except white folks.

  84. Michael says:

    If we can have any month dedicated to one or several races, then we must have a month fire all others as well. After all, fair is fair.

  85. Natalie says:

    Personally, I don’t think there should be a Black History Month or a White history month….I think all history should be taught all year long, regardless if it about black or white. I totally feel that Black History should be taught all the time, it is just as important as White and if we are all equal…..why is it not?

  86. Merlin says:

    I personally think it is a great idea although I am not white, you have to bring into consideration black Monday, or is it Martin Luther King Jr. Day to be politically correct. Would be only fair to the white folk. Than maybe after that we can add a Eskimo day, what do you think as long as we do not ever have Obummer day or Obama, rather anything to do with Muslims. …..Not being racist,

  87. Jackie says:

    absolutely awesome! living his constitutional rights! good for him!!!!

  88. LibertyLane says:

    I feel the same way about White History Month as I do about Black History Month……

  89. Terry says:

    I think that people that are not Caucasian wear their feelings on their shoulders, waiting for anything to come up that they can cry foul. So big deal, there is a white History month, everyone else has their month. Why not whites? Stop crying and belly aching.

  90. Susi says:

    Well as most mollattos they chose their black heritage over white, while it is the white side that raises them. Anyway I find Black History Month, Hispanic History Month BET Tv , all of it offensive. Does that make me a racist. Ignorance abound, BLACK IS NOT A RACE. Getting old. Mr Curtis missed the whole point of the sign, or is freedom of speech only for him. I feel sorry for people that have been getting away with their prejudices when Obama is no longer in office. People and finally congress are starting to do what they are hired to do. Keep us strong and do the job Obama and the Rhinos won’t.

  91. Diane says:

    I have ALWAYS said This!! In fact just the other day I saw something on here about black history month and I said What about white History Month?? Just like they have puertorican festivals, Italian festivals. How about a Caucasian festival ????

  92. Jake says:

    Here is the biggest issue, is that the equality we have is a lie. Only on paper are we equal. In practice, that is a different story. White History is the norm, and is taught all throughout the year, only carving out a month for other histories of “minorities.”

    To Sybil, you truly have no idea, do you? Look at the media, and tell me about how equal things truly are. How many white actors can you rattle off, as opposed to black actors? How about Latino actors? How about Asian? Black History month is celebrated because many people have glanced over it in favor of “white history.” black history is a prominent part of our history, but only lightly touched upon. Without the month for it, how much would you know about George Washington Carver? Of Booker T. Washington? Fredrick Douglass?

    1. Jim says:

      Well, since we all learned about them in elementary school, I’d say we all know quite a bit about them.
      Unfortunately, schools are undergoing major changes in an effort to dumb down our kids to make an “even playing field” and our American History is being re-written by the Dept. of Education and other progressives, the same people trying to jam Common Core down our throats which means the present and next generations know absolutely nothing about American History good or bad. Remember, slavery actually started in Africa and then moved to Britain and West Indies and then to America. Not a proud moment in American History. Present day Americans shouldn’t have to pay the price for what some of our ancestors did.

    2. James says:

      How about a white kid being killed by a black cop. I didn’t see no protest no fires no looting not even on the major news feeds. But that’s OK right. A life is a life. And I don’t care what your color is if you put your self in a dumb perdicument and get shot oh well the cops do the best they can. Most of them there are bad cops all colors included

    3. Tammy says:

      What about Harriet Tubman, Rosa Lee Parks, Martin Luther King…I can honestly say I was taught about the impressive people who took a stand for their rights and beliefs…what is being said about the many who have stood beside these people that were not blacks because they believed in the rights of all..you know what gets me is that we ALL have a history in each of our cultures…something bad and something good was done to each of our ancestors…why can’t we be proud of ALL races for coming as far as we have and made a world that we ALL live in doing many things together yet not truly thinking about it at that moment and time…we go to church, shopping, work, hospitals, restaurants, parks, concerts, movies, amusement parks, and many other places together with no mention of RACE, so come on people let’s be proud together that we have come a long way from what our ancestors, and technically they are the reason we are here…TOGETHER WE ALL MAKE AMERICA WHAT SHE IS…GOD’S COUNTRY…THE PEOPLE’S COUNTRY…but let an emotion over-rule our senses…if you to take a stand…STAND UP FOR WHAT ALL OUR ANCESTOR FOUGHT FOR TO GIVE TO US…FREEDOM…EVEN OUR LORD JESUS FOUGHT FOR US AND DIED FOR US…DON’T YOU THINK WE OWN IT TO THEM TO DO JUST THAT…LIVE IN FREEDOM. This is the last thing to my statement is I want to THANK ALL THOSE WHO SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES TO GIVE GIVE US THE FREEDOM THAT WE TODAY TAKE FOR GRANTED…THIS MEANS ALL CULTURES, NATIONALITIES… THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

  93. Deborah says:

    Why not white history month? There is a black history month, a holiday set up for a black man (MLK), a movie just for blacks (Selma), and many more “black this and black that”, so why are we as “white folk” not allowed to celebrate our race with pride . . . WITHOUT being considered RACIST against others?

  94. Mary says:

    I think this is great ****I’ll celebrate White History Month in a heartbeat. Oh, by the way, I’ve heard of Black History Month but never watched anything on it. I’m Irish and I’ve read how bad they were treated when they came here for a better life. This 76 year old just don’t shive a get. I hate what this country has become anyway

    1. Jake says:

      Here is the biggest issue, is that the equality we have is a lie. Only on paper are we equal. In practice, that is a different story. White History is the norm, and is taught all throughout the year, only carving out a month for other histories of “minorities.”

      To Mary, I’d hate to break it to you, but to “whites,” you wouldn’t be either. Being Irish is just as bad as being black. So you don’t pay attention to the history, and yet you, at age 76, have probably had to deal with some of the same issues, and yet you do not care enough to learn? That makes you part of the problem, ma’am.

      1. Brett says:

        I’m going to break it to you easy color ethnic back ground whatever has nothing to do with it as far as I can tell unless u where born in another country and became a citizen latter we all where born in America which means we all have the same rights and all have to follow the same laws equality aside. U have the right to free speech u have the right to go to any school u want u have the right to sit around and do nothing if u chosse. I’m sorry u feel like one race or another gets more at it notice then another. Get over don’t rag on old lady’s and people exposing there opinion it’s there right. Thank u

  95. Bridget says:

    When I took history in school, every month was white history month. At least 97% of the history I was taught in school was about rich, white, old guys. I would have gladly welcomed a lesson on less represented groups of people.When will people realize that giving a minority group respect and credit for historical accomplishments isn’t going to take anything away from the respect and credit already given to the people written about in billions of grade-school history textbooks.

  96. Sybil says:

    Let’s get it out there
    If Black History month is not racist then neither would White History month be. All people’s being created equal according to our constitution.. The operative word being EQUAL

    1. Jake says:

      Here is the biggest issue, is that the equality we have is a lie. Only on paper are we equal. In practice, that is a different story. White History is the norm, and is taught all throughout the year, only carving out a month for other histories of “minorities.”

      To Sybil, you truly have no idea, do you? Look at the media, and tell me about how equal things truly are. How many white actors can you rattle off, as opposed to black actors? How about Latino actors? How about Asian? Black History month is celebrated because many people have glanced over it in favor of “white history.” black history is a prominent part of our history, but only lightly touched upon. Without the month for it, how much would you know about George Washington Carver? Of Booker T. Washington? Fredrick Douglass?

      1. Sorry to burst your bubble, Jake, but I learned about all those folks ( George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, Fredrick Douglass.)while in elementart school. And to get your panties in a wad over a white history month sign shows your own racism in brilliant colors. Look at network news, sports, movies, etc., and you see many more black faces than the percentages of population would require, but that means nothing to you. You cry about “White priviledge” like it is a direct affront to the black community, yet you ignore the obvious: Not having babies at 16, getting a decent education and considering it “Cool”, entering the workforce with marketable skill- none of that is “White priviledge, it’s being a responsible citizen and taking responsibility for one’s own life and future. Racism will be alive and well in folks like you as long as you demand to be the victim, and a sign that upsets you for remarking on equality is merely a symptom of your own afflictions.

        1. Rob says:

          Amen Charles

        2. phoenixlives says:

          You named 3 of the 7 or so “famous” blacks we heard about *every* February. What can you name 20? How about 15? No Googling…

          What do you know about Selma? Can you imagine your grandparents being there?

          What do you know about Tulsa? How many times since the Civil War have blacks accumulated wealth, only to have to destroyed by jealous whites?

          What do you know about the Great Migration?

          What do you know about the Southern Strategy?

          Black History Month won’t help you with any of that because, well, whites will do the least they can. It’s the same story over and over, and you’re so indoctrinated you can see it.

        3. Mike says:

          Proud to be white everyday.

      2. David says:

        Once again, all of the people which you have named, are taught about in elementary school, therefore, again, your argument has no merit. In response to your comment regarding actors, there is easily an equal ratio of black actors to white actors. But, if you wish to pursue this argument, it can easily be pointed out that black people easily outnumber white people in sports, music, and many other entertainment venues. Again, your argument holds no merit.

      3. Joseph says:

        Lol Jake you have no idea what your talking about.. All four years of junior High i had to take history classes.. Guess what my teacher taught all year long?… Black history… I didnt leanr about other historical events of importance till high school.. How you can say that whites have privilage is astounding to me as well… I am working two jobs both full time so i can pay my bills and when i went to get assisstance during a period i was unemployed I was told that i make to much on unemployment.. Where is the privilage in that? Instead i know of many blacks that have an over the table full time job, getting cash assisstance, food stamps, and medical.. on top of selling drugs.. So to me it seems like blacks have more privilages then whites do because all we hear is the race card thrown everytime blacks dont get their way.

    2. jlynnb says:

      I agree. I’m proud to be white

  97. Amanda says:

    If we celebrate black history somebody PLEASE tell me why we can’t celebrate white history??!! Regardless of what anyone thinks, we ARE all equal by birth, its the way we conduct ourselves that makes us “less”. All races should be treated equally everyday, but why not be able to celebrate white history as we do black history? I’m not racist in any way obviously, but are we less important? Come on ppl…its now the 21st century, can we plz get over this racism crap?

    1. Jake says:

      Here is the biggest issue, is that the equality we have is a lie. Only on paper are we equal. In practice, that is a different story. White History is the norm, and is taught all throughout the year, only carving out a month for other histories of “minorities.”

      To Amanda, you’re really showing your white privilege there. You have been “dominant” for well over 250 years, and that ain’t going away. You are in no way “less” because you don’t have a specific month devoted to a skin color. Tell me, how is “white” even a culture? Which country does “white” originate from? As far as I know, “white,” or Caucasian, to give proper nomenclature, originates in Europe, a continent with many different cultures. “White” is a horridly watered down version of that.

      1. David says:

        The term Caucasian refers to the culture of the people originating from the area of the CaucAsus mountain region of Eurasia, that lies between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. Yes, it is a culture, not just a race. And to answer your argument, black people hail mostly, but not entirely, from Africa. One of the largest continents, also comprised of many cultures. None of which the “black” culture in America gets its roots. Therefore, sir, your uneducated argument is moot.

      2. Michael says:

        So Jake. Generalizing whites as a race can’t be a culture but generalizing blacks can be. That is the exact problem with black history month. Congratulations you have proven many peoples points with your ignorance. If you want to be equal you don’t need a month to celebrate your ethnicity yet alone something as general as race. You have blacks from all over and I know some of them hate being generalized as black because of the bad connotation that it has earned in the publics’ eyes.

        If the white history month sign offends you, taking a look at your racial beliefs may be the next step for you if you really want equality.

      3. Pat says:


        No, the norm is NOT “white history”. The norm is HISTORY period. There was no “race” involved. It just happens that there are more people with white/light skin that helped forge our history. And since there are also many people of “color” that helped forge our history, there should be NO “black history” month. Unless there is going to be a month set aside for every other “race”. We are ALL HUMAN, every single one of us. We come from different nations, and have a wide range of diversity among every single person in this world. We are ALL “history in the making”, and it should be taught as such.

        Personally, I’ve never understood “black history month”. I distinctly remember learning about history throughout my school years in a general order. We learned about MLK, but it was not in February. Yes, I remember that, because I’m a natural born sarcastic person who questioned why we were learning about MLK and it wasn’t February. Yes, I got in trouble. Nothing new there. My dad knocked me on my a$$ when I asked what a “N….” was, literally. I had no idea what it meant, but a lot of my neighborhood acquaintences were talking about the N…. moving in. So I asked my dad what that word meant. He knocked me off my chair quite literally. I was not raised with any sort of racism against ANY person, regardless of their nationality. (yes, he did explain to me later what it meant).

        I’ve seen more than one autopsy… there were multiple “races” included, and WE ALL LOOK THE SAME UNDER OUR SKIN.

    2. phoenixlives says:

      What, specifically, would you teach during your “White History Month”, that isn’t taught already?

      I think your average black person is as chagrined about Black History Month as you are, but for much better reasons.

    3. Lois says:

      I agree Amanda. People who have a problem with it truly are racist. Just crazy….