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People Shares the Dumbest Reasons They Were Ever Fired and It Is HILARIOUS!


Chances are, if you’re anything like most people, you’ve been fired from a job before. A thread on the website Quora asked users to respond with the dumbest thing they’ve ever been fired for- and you’ll have to read some of these to believe it.

1.  I was fired from work for farting in a very important meeting. I thought it would be silent. Oops.

2. I was fired because I couldn’t staple papers to my boss’s satisfaction

3. I got fired from a swanky hotel for yawning too much. I was a security guard. I got paid to just stand there.

4. In 2008 an outbreak of tornadoes hit downtown Atlanta. The business where I worked at the time got nailed big-time. It wasn’t wind that did it, it was the rain. It completely flooded the place, which was partially underground. When I went to the unemployment office the next day I was asked the reason for my job loss.

“Tornado,” I answered

“Gosh, we’ve never heard that one before,” they said.

5. I took too long in the bathroom and missed a super important phone call.

6. Sitting on my butt smoking cigarettes.

I worked at a record store back in the 1980’s in college and I don’t think I did much more than take people’s money, put on music that I liked, and find a moment to light another cigarette. Smoking was allowed in the store in those days.

Anyway, the boss fired me and I cried in disbelief. Looking back, that is pretty hilarious given that they paid me to do pretty much nothing.

7. My first job was working for Dunkin’ Donuts. Except, I got fired on my second day for eating the donuts.

In my defense, I would go there directly after school and I was hungry, the manager said it was okay to eat some, but sparingly. Well, I got caught eating about 12 of them…

8. I told my boss I was sick but he spotted me on the Jumbotron at a baseball game.

9. Not my story but I have to share.

My friend was hired by a big company as their new Finance Manager, specifically for her to fix the company’s finances. It was going really bad apparently and my friend was famous with her success in growing money – she saved the previous company she was working for from going bankrupt.

So she got hired, she made a really good plan that gave incredible results in a short time…

6 months in for a last kick she offered to tighten the budget a little and let go of one of the high-salaried managers.

The CEO listened to her advice…and fired her.

10. I was working at a mattress depot and accidentally fell asleep on the bed. Oops!

11. I was in Australia, and I was asked by my then girlfriend to help her as a waiter. She was working temporarily at some Turkish restaurant in Melbourne. I reluctantly agreed, having never been a waiter.I got fired for not smiling enough. Now I own my own company and I make a point of telling my employees during training that they should never feel like they need to fake being happy all the time. We’re all human, and being able to express a wide range of emotions is a good thing.

H/T Knowable

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