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These People Never Expected to Get an Amazing Gift from a Young Orphan


Jaden Hayes is a 6 years old. The Savannah, Georgia boy has experienced more grief in his short life than many people several times his age. His father died when he was four and he recently lost his mother. The young orphan now lives with his aunt.

But, Jaden is dealing with his heartbreak in an unusual and very positive way. He is battling his grief by encouraging people to smile. He asked his aunt to buy him small toys. He then greets people who aren’t smiling and gives them a toy to lighten their mood.

Needless to say when people learn a young orphan wants to make them smile, some are overwhelmed by the generous act. CBS Evening News covered Jaden as he spread smiles throughout Savannah. Watch the reactions he gets!

His Aunt Barbara DiCola said, “It’s like sheer joy came out of this child. And the more people that he made smile, the more this light shone.”

At last count, Jaden has made 500 people smile. His goal is 33,000.

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H/T: CBS Evening News