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People Asked to Share Their Past Trump Encounters – These Are AMAZING!


In just a few months, Donald Trump will take office and begin to undo the Obama legacy. Congressional Republicans are already at work to have an ObamaCare repeal bill on Trump’s desk the day he takes office, and that’s just day one. Then it’s time to secure our borders and jump-start our economy that’s only stagnated under Obama.

Still, liberals have managed to convince themselves that the end of time is near. They must believe the rhetoric that Trump is literally Hitler (not surprising considering these kind of people are quick to label anyone they disagree with, Hitler). They’ll be pleased when they realize just how wrong they are.

Several Reddit users who were fortunate enough to encounter ‘The Donald’ in everyday situations (prior to the election), shared what he’s really like in real-life. Read their personal stories below.

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Liberals NEVER want to admit what Trump is really like. In fact, they had been singing his praises – until he ran for President… as a Republican.

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