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Phil Robertson Takes Hillary’s Evil Lies to Task

Phil Robertson Hillary

Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robertson family and star of the hit reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” is a deeply religious man who speaks about about his faith on a regular basis.

Not only is Phil a committed Christian, but he is also a concerned American who is very worried about the future of our country, especially if Hillary Clinton is our next president.

During an interview to promote a film entitled “Torchbearer” which Robertson narrates, the “Duck Dynasty” star stressed that “America needs to repent of its sin and turn back to God. It’s a spiritual fix more than a political one. Our Founding Fathers warned us repeatedly to never let this day come, but the day has now come upon us.”

Robertson blasted the Democrat Party, which “literally booed God” during its 2012 convention, before he tore into Hillary Clinton:

So you get what you ask for, so here we are. So the bottom line is, someone says, well, if you entertain the thought of maybe voting for Hillary Clinton, I said, they ran God out of the Democratic Party. She has a hard time telling the truth because the evil one is the father of lies, according to Jesus, and she’s living proof of it, my man.

Millions of Americans likely share Robertson’s views about Mrs. Clinton, and he makes an articulate argument why all Christians should oppose her candidacy.

H/T: Charisma News

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