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Phil Robertson Just Issued A Warning All Americans Must Listen To!

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson is the star of the popular reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” but his career spans far beyond the popular A&E show, as he has a new faith-based documentary coming out called “Torchbearer.”

In the documentary, Robertson “examines what happens to societies with God, and how he thinks there is still hope for western civilization.”

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Robertson argues that “[w]hen you remove God, and allow humans to determine right, wrong, good, evil, and what one’s life is worth; you leave that up to human beings, and you have the Romans, the Greeks, you have Adolf Hitler, Hirohito, Josef Stalin, and this latest crop that’s come our way, the Islamists,”

Robertson went on to talk about how the Bible is the only religious text that offers “removal of sin and resurrection from the dead. So, we’re talking about life here on Earth, and immortality in the end, and I haven’t come up with a story yet that will beat it…because you, myself, all other humans, our destiny is with a six foot hole. The Bible says, there’s life beyond it. So until someone comes along with a better story, I’m going with that because it of offers me hope, my man.”

Check out the trailer for Robertson’s new movie:

H/T: The Daily Caller

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