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Phil Robertson Shared The Word Of God With Donald Trump

Phil Robertson is a man of God. That offends a lot of the left, but he has never apologized for who he is and what he believes. He is proud of his Christian faith and his love of the Gospel and Jesus. What has made his show Duck Dynasty so popular is that, unlike so much on TV, the Robertson family isn’t afraid to discuss and celebrate being Christian. Every show ends in prayer and the Robertson’s hi-jinx are goodnatured and never trashy or vulgar.

Phil had come under fire for his support of Donald Trump. And while he isn’t trying to explain away the lewd talk of the real estate mogul, he has shared a story about Trump that will surprise many.

The Duck Dynasty star reveals how he shared the gospel with the Republican nominee. Notice how Robertson didn’t belittle Trump for his lack of religiousness or attack him for his past mistakes. Instead Robertson followed the spirit of Christ.

The excerpt comes from his new movie about his Christian path, Torcherbearer:

“(I discussed) God becoming flesh … dying for the sins of the world, and, in his case, I said, ‘Dying for your sins, Donald, all of them, I figure there’s a lot — what do you think?'” Robertson recounted. “He didn’t disagree with me.”

H/T Deseret News.

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