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Phil Robertson Stars In Powerful Pro-Christian Film!

Phil R

Phil Robertson is already a TV star, and now he’s looking to become a star of film!

via Breitbart

In this visually riveting documentary titled “Torchbearer” by veteran filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon, Robertson proposes that civilizations that abandon God as the bedrock of their rights and liberties wind up falling into nihilism and decay.

The Duck Dynasty patriarch is an unapologetic witness to the Christian faith as the cornerstone of Western Civilization, which has earned him the undying ire of the right-thinking Left. The film begins with a series of vignettes showing some of Robertson’s more controversial comments and the righteous rage they have provoked among the politically correct.

This looks Amazing! True Christian films are so RARE now-a-days! So brave of Phil to live his faith out in the open, especially in a country that punishes you for it.
Watch the trailer below.