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Philadelphia School Principal Won’t Give Confiscated Cell Phone Back to Father, Watch What Happens Next!

A Philadelphia school principal refused to give a father his daughter’s iPhone back after it was confiscated due to no cell phone policy, but offered to give him a flip phone for the three-week holding time set forth by the school rules. This video was filmed by the angry father and showed him and the principal discussing his daughter’s phone, which had been confiscated by school officials.

“We have to secure them,” the principal tells the father of the school’s effort to keep their students safe. “How are you securing a child by keeping her phone when kids are getting raped and can’t even make it home? I need to make sure my kid gets home safe,” the father responds.

School Policy The principal continuously refused to let the father, who paid for the phone, have it back despite his demands. The principal attempted to offer the father a flip phone “for emergencies,” but he refused and said he needed his property back.

“Why would you make a rule that you take a kid’s phone that the parent bought, the parent can’t get the phone back?” he asks. “I’m responsible for your child while she’s here,” the principal responds. “If I was in your house, then you can say to me what I can’t do. But when I’m in these bricks, you can’t tell me what I can do.”

Personally, I don’t think kids should be allowed to take phones to school. There is no need. If they need to make a call, the office has phones they can use to call parents. They are a distraction and in many cases are used to cheat. Leave them home. Use them when you’re not supposed to be learning. As far as the principal taking the girls phone, if it’s a policy. Is the principal justified in keeping the phone because of school policy or should the father be allowed to retrieve the phone he paid for? Share this story on Facebook and Twitter and leave your comments below. H/T: WORLDSTARVIDZ



  1. Terry says:

    The phone committed no crime. It cannot be held from the father who is its rightful owner. It should be returned to him. The child should be punished not the phone. At least in our state Theft definitions include “depriving the owner the use thereof..” The school district should not put its employees in this situation with the phone. Detention, suspension whatever for the child, not the phone.

  2. Katherine says:

    Have her arrested for Grand Larceny. She and the school system are thieves in this. Did the owner sign anything? Did the child? If the child did and is not the “REAL” owner then she cannot be held accountable due to age. Have that principle arrested and put in jail!!!!

  3. susan says:

    I think the policy should be the parent comes to the school to get the phone for the first offense. If there is a second offense the school keeps it. A third the student it suspended for a week. With cell phones the schools systems need a strong policy. They do need to police cell phones. There needs to be a signed policy that both the parent and the student sign that it is agreed to cell phone are not to be used during class hours, thy my be used during lunch break only. If a student violates the policy they lose the right to have a phone at school period. I would want my child to have a phone in case of an emergency. But I would also expect them to follow the school policy. Everyone needs to work and agree together and follow all the rules. The end.

  4. Teresa says:

    My children’s school(s) allow phones to be kept, but turned off during school hours. This has come in handy on several occasions such as last year when the bus broke down on the interstate during a field trip; a substitute bus driver backed into a power pole, and my daughter was allowed to call home to let us know that she was ok after the school was brushed by a tornado. My children also know there will be severe consequences if they violate school policy.

  5. Nita says:

    These days, I want my child to have their phone with them at all times. If the world were not so horrible then they wouldn’t need it. But people are coming in with guns and shooting kids and teachers are abusing kids and the kids need a way to get in touch with someone who will help them.

  6. Janet says:

    Another parent who thinks their child does not need to follow the rules and who thinks he can come in and demand for rules to be broken for their little darling who knew the policy. Do you really think that if someone is going to let your child keep their phone if they plan on kidnaping, raping or murder them? Teach your kids respect for rules and authority. We have become a nation who’s younger generation thinks everything should be handed to them without any effort on their part and mom and dad rush in to make sure they get what they want or will sue the school, business or neighbor. People no longer have common sense and no longer think for themselves they just follow what they are told. Just like nazi Germany. If this had been my child I would have said “suck it up buttercup, you brought this on yourself.” My child would also be writing apology letters for their actions and would be without a phone for three weeks.

  7. Cassie says:

    When my grown kids were in school there was still a no phone policy. If they were caught using it then the device would be confiscated. The difference is that if it were taken up then they could pay 15.00 to get it back…….one child had to do that twice in the same year. This same child also had her phone stolen from her purse during class once……the theif was located, phone returned and charges racked up were paid. I don’t agree with the keeping of phones for 3 weeks but I do agree with the confiscation. I think that, like with mine, there should be a recovery fee instead of the holding for said time frame. I am just glad that I didn’t have to face that because I would not have been happy either. The thing is, if the child is given a loaner phone then how will she be calling her parents, in case of emergency????

  8. Jay says:

    Hell no, the principal has no right to keep that phone from the parent. I’d whip mine out and call the police right in front of that ignorant bitch. File a theft complaint against her.

    I don’t have a problem with her confiscating it in the first place. I agree kids don’t need to have phones in school. I survived 16 years in school without carrying a phone on my person. But I draw the line at her not returning the phone to the parent.

  9. Jim says:

    This is the start of a very expensive settlement to be paid by the school principal. Creating a school policy which is unlawful, leads to a civil action. Holding a cell phone for 3 weeks, from the parent, is unreasonable. Where would a school get funds to pay for several “loaner” phones? What should happen is, several students should take inactive phones to school, then let the school pay to loan them working phones for three weeks at a time. See how much the school can afford, in addition to multiple civil actions.

  10. Mary-Beth says:

    When a item is taken and not returned to the guardian on request that is stealing and should be reported as such. They can discipline the child but personal property belongs to the adult. In this day and age many children in our area go missing or have problems to and from school to be able to have that phone may mean the difference between life and death in some towns. Just google missing teens in your town and area. At around age 12 and up they are considered run aways and are not on the amber or other list. I would so fight for anything that keeps a child safe

  11. Ed says:

    That is ludicrous!!..So basically, they stole the phone!!…It’s 2015 people, the kids phones are used more for safety, than anything else, especially if they walk or ride a bus home!!..I can understand not being able to use them in class,etc, but if they took my kids phone, there would be serious consequences!!…That is theft, no matter how you look at it!!…She needs to give the phone back, at the end of the school day.

  12. Jonny says:

    Taking the cell phone away due to school policy is fine. Students should know what the rules are and should abide by them. The moment the principal refuses to give back the cell phone to the legal guardian of the child and main owner of the cell phone then it becomes theft. If the principal still refuses then file a report at the police station and take it to the next tier above the principal. The only other scenario is that the principal could not find the actual cell phone he was talking about and tried to offer one that has no value.

  13. Teddy says:

    Cell phones are not just for making phone calls, they are also a tracking tool. Any intelligent parent has their child’s cellphone set up with theirs so that they can see where the child is. If the child does not make it home the cell phone could be used to find them. It also comes in handy if they choose to leave school for some reason. It can not help if they leave it at home. There should be a rule against using them in school, not against having them. And confiscating them for three weeks is crazy. Police can not do that unless it is evidence in a crime. Braking a school rule does not constitute a crime.

  14. Karen says:

    I think she wants to steal it. Why offer him a flip phone and not give back the iPhone?

  15. Randy says:

    Retaining personal property as a rule of policy of the school, does not over ride that the property does not belong to the principal. Thus the property will be returned to the owner of said property or suffer the consequences of theft of property. Depending on the value of the phone, could be a misdemeanor, or a felony. For the principal to blatantly retain the phone, not allowing the child to have a means in which to call for assistance (protection) in itself in some states provides another change for arrest. Call the local authorities and determine what laws have been broken. Next if this is a rule for that school or is it one that needs to be addressed at the next School Board meeting, if, it was a rule made by the school board. Either way in most states school board/school rules do not over ride state statute. If its a rule of the school, then the responsibility falls back onto the school board. Either way the school has violated the child’s civil rights. Good luck!

  16. Anita says:


    1. Teddy says:

      It is a matter of safety. Cellphones are used to track your child’s whereabouts. Taking the phone leaves them more vulnerable. Every pedophile in the country now knows that students at this school can not be tracked when going to and from school. There are probably a few in the surrounding area that are now making a beeline for this school.

  17. James says:

    Ok They can pay the cell phone bill for the phone.. Data plans aren’t cheap!!!

  18. Jason says:

    Most schools in my state have a no phones policy. The students must have them in their lockers, turned off. They are for personal use on personal time. That being said, it is almost never enforced. The teachers don’t want to deal with the hypocrisy of students not being allowed phones in the classrooms while teachers can use them whenever (and do). As well it just isn’t worth it to a teacher to get into long drawn out arguments in front of their classes trying to get a belligerent student to turn over their devices. A phone check at the door, like a coat check at a restaurant, would be a good solution, but most schools are overburdened as it is with staff responsibilities and do not want to be held liable for lost property.

  19. Paul says:

    The Principal has the right to take the phone because of the school’s policy, but, whenever the parent comes to get it an she refuses to give them back “their” property the she is then stealing it and should be arrested.

  20. Sue says:

    Not a bad offer from the school principal. The cell phone was not “stolen,” just taken away for three weeks. If the child really needed to use a phone in an emergency, the flip phone would be enough.

  21. Michael says:

    The Curse of Cell Phones. I am glad I don’t own one, especially when my wife, and my daughter has one each. My daughter takes hers to school, but keeps it off until she is on the bus going home, then she lives on texting, like must young people do. So, it’s obvious that the youngster who had his phone confiscated must have been using the phone during class time to have it removed from his person, BUT to NOT give the same phone back at the end of the day, is just plain wrong. Why would a bunch of grown ups, who are in education see where it is ok for them to keep (or steal) phones that don’t belong to them, they did not pay for, and will not let the parents take action against their child for doing something that is against school policy, such as, make sure the child never takes the phone to school with him or her, if they are not mature enough to follow directions, but it is just as wrong for the school board to keep an IPhone for instance, and to give to the parents a flip phone in it’s place, that my friend does not make sense????? Give the phone, that the school confiscated Back to the Parents, and let the Parents take care of the issue at home, and if it happens again, then take the matter to the school board for the parent to talk with them, and if it happens a third time, keep it, the boy or girl is just not capable to learn his/her lesson, and is not mature enough to have a phone for his/her own.

  22. Brianne says:

    I don’t think this is okay. It is that man’s property end of story. And the whole house thing. If you bring something into my house and I take it away from you and don’t give it back. Is that okay? No. So the argument is invalid. Second, I do think kids should be allowed to bring phones to school but should not be used until after school. If they walk or ride the bus home. There is so much stuff that can happen. And on top of that what if they stay after school. I can’t tell you how many time I have stayed after school when Noone else was around. So I couldn’t use the “school phone.” They should take it up regardless if a repeat offender and give it back when school is dismissed. And call the parents.

  23. Faith says:

    Report the phone stolen to the police. Then stand up for civil rights for your kids. We buy them phones for security reasons so we can be in touch with them. Schools don’t want them taking pictures of what they do and they are lazy and don’t want to have to enforce the rules so they just ban everything even water bottles. They should be able to keep their phones in their lockers or back packs turned off. A ringing phone or having one out except at lunch or break should be grounds to confiscate but they have to return them to the student at the end of the day. Second time caught they have the parent come and return the device. Some teachers use a shoe bag and have kids put theirs there during class. But some schools are allowing BYOD now and kids can use them for internet use. I don’t agree with that.