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This Photo Is Making Liberal Heads Explode And We KNOW WHY!

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Here we go again! This is a cartoon, people! Why are the reporters turning the cartoon into a racist picture?

It is amazing how people whine and scream racism when someone like Michelle Obama is being made fun of, but it’s open game on anyone else. Michelle has done nothing except using her First Lady status to take extravagant vacations at the taxpayers’ expense. This cartoon is an ugly caricature to be sure, but when you are a public figure that kind of thing comes with the territory. Just ask President Bush.

A liberal made a movie about assassinating George W. Bush while he was in office and nobody said anything. I know cartoonist Ben Garrison. I am friends with him on social media. He is not racist I can assure you.

I remember when this picture was taken, and it was an actual moment in time, but liberals didn’t like the picture being taken. Are we only supposed to take pics of our leaders in good moments? Where is that in the rule book?

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Attractive women come in all colors.  Nobody is making fun of Michelle because she is black. It is because she is homely. Soon after she moved into the White House, I was amazed when reading lots of stories about how “stunning” she looked.  I don’t care what designer gave her a gown to wear; Mrs. Obama is not going look beautiful. This is rather like the “Emperor’s New Clothes”  The media is afraid to tell the truth since anybody who speaks the truth is labeled “racist.”As I said attractive women come in all colors, and sadly so do ugly ones. It’s life.

Political correctness has ruined this nation and turned brother against brother because people want to say things and can’t risk hurt feelings. It’s a cartoon. I don’t see it as racist and sexist  It simply is what it is. It is time to thicken your skin people. You can no longer afford the luxury of being oversensitive, playing the sex card, playing the race card, or playing whatever sympathy card you have in your deck. That is to say you are even playing with a full deck in the first place.

I just want to keep cautioning the folks who use reason and common sense.  Stop letting racists bait you into racist conversations and into using racist reasoning.  The only hope racists have to throw a chair and hope a fight starts then they want to claim that racism is just natural for people to engage in.  It is not.  It is taught, and it is learned behavior.  Remember Dylan Roof murdered with the intention of starting a race war.  Pointing out a racist act, a racist lie, or even a racist cartoon is enough.

Let them whine and cry about it, but get on with your lives.  This is not about battles; this is about war.  And when we respond with facts, reason, and logic, they lose.  Their only victory comes with chaos.

Were you offended by this cartoon? Share your opinions in the comment section below. Let us know what you thought about it.