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Photo of Military Moms Celebrating Motherhood Is Going VIRAL! Can You See Why?


Military moms know how hard it can be to serve on active duty away from their husbands and children. Breastfeeding moms, especially those who work, know how hard it can be to maintain a milk supply, find time and space to pump, and avoid any challenges to breastfeeding associated with time away from home. For those moms who are on active duty and breastfeeding, the feat seems almost superhuman.

Breastfeeding military moms in El Paso recently were blessed with a new room where they could breastfeed and pump for their children in privacy. In honor of this room and its lack of decor, a local photographer offered to shoot images of some of the mothers who use the room for free. People Magazine reported on the photos, taken by Tara Ruby, a professional photographer and former member of the military,

“I think it’s great the Army is supporting active duty mothers,” Ruby told CNN. “Sometimes, you hit a point in your military career where you have to choose between being a soldier and a mother, and a photo like this helps mothers so they don’t have to choose.”

The photo first appeared on Ruby’s Facebook page and has been shared over 24,000 times and “liked” almost 20,000 times, including by the campaign page for Hillary Clinton. The story on People Magazine’s website has been shared over 66,000 times alone.

Comment below: Do you think images like this of military moms are positive?