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BREAKING: The Conservative Movement’s Biggest Icon JUST DIED!

Phyllis Schlafly

At 92 years of age, conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly passed away on September 5th in the comfort of her own home. According to her daughter, she had been sick with cancer.

With a presence in the political scene since the 1960s, Schlafly fought against communism, abortion, liberalism, and most famously, the Equal Rights Amendment. In regards to the latter, she is credited with practically single-handedly stopping the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. And no – that isn’t she opposed equal rights. You can read her reasoning about the unintended consequences such an amendment would’ve produced in an op-ed hyperlinked here.

Phyllis Schlafly, one of the most iconic and recognizable leaders in America’s conservative movement for many decades, has died.

Schlafly founded the Eagle Forum in 1972, a pro-family conservative group focusing heavily on social issues — it has about 80,000 members and, as of this week, Schlafly was still president.

“Phyllis Schlafly spent an astounding 70 years in public service of her fellow Americans,” said the Eagle Forum in a statement. “Her focus from her earliest days until her final ones was protecting the family, which she understood as the building block of life. She recognized America as the greatest political embodiment of those values. From military superiority and defense to immigration and trade; from unborn life to the nuclear family and parenthood, Phyllis Schlafly was a courageous and articulate voice for common sense and traditional values.”

“America has lost a great stateswoman, and we at Eagle Forum and among the conservative movement have lost a beloved friend and mentor, who taught and inspired so many to fight the good fight in defense of American values,” said Eunie Smith, Eagle Forum’s First Vice President in a statement. “I have personally lost a dear friend of over forty years.”

Schlafly was born Aug. 15, 1924, and grew up in Depression-era St. Louis. Her parents were Republican but not politically involved.

Schlafly will be missed greatly. Since she was a huge supporter of Donald Trump, I think it would be safe to say that in lieu of flowers, vote for Donald Trump.

H/T CBS St. Louis

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